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The 1619 Project Rewrites the Founding of America

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Those who control the narrative control the thoughts and minds of a society. How do the globalists plan to implement their New World Order? They must first convince the populace of the righteousness of their cause. There is no better way than to overwhelm the masses with a new worldview of history. They have infiltrated the public schools and filled the library and classroom shelves with rewritten history textbooks. Teachers lean left and actively engage in classroom propaganda. And the history rewrite doesn’t stop there!

Changing the Narrative, Changing Our Worldview

The New York Times has embarked on a mission to change the narrative, rewriting history through their 1619 Project. It is a collection of essays, poems, and photos that attempt to delegitimize the positive aspects of United States history from colonial times to the present. 

There existed slave owners and slaves in the United States from the early years of the nation’s founding. It is one thing to address issues created through slavery and even those directly involved with the actual slave trade and abuses. It is another to assume every person who lived in America throughout its almost 250 year history who, if not a slave, was a slave owner or guilty of crimes of racism. 

America Was Founded on Reasoning

The United States we know today grew, but not out of the 1619 slave owners. The America we know grew out of the ideals obtained through the deepest reasoning based on the ideals of John Locke and the critical thinking that would speak from the yearnings of the heart of any person, regardless of color or background. 

The 1619 Project writers forget the United States was not born of the ideals set forth by some money hungry slave traders. It was born of the ideals espoused by those who dreamed of a society in which the right to choose, natural rights, would be the foundation of the lives of citizens.

The Constitution is Embraced By Individuals

The design set forth by the Framers of the Constitution would not guarantee every being would hold those truths to be self-evident. The laws of the land are true for every citizen. Yet, every citizen does not embrace them. This does not make the laws of the land any less a law. In the same way, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are the nation’s very foundation and has sustained the United States through periods of change and caused it to prosper. 

Included in the 1619 Project is an essay by Michael Desmond that, in its examples, attempts to convince the reader that unethical businessman exemplify capitalism. They failed to account for the multitude of businesses and entrepreneurships established by hardworking, ethical owners of every conceivable background. It was these who opened doors of opportunity for multitudes of Americans.

A Far Stretch

Nikole Hannah-Jones laments that her father flew the American flag proudly at their home in spite of prejudice and racist acts suffered by black people at the hands of some whites. Hannah-Jones then makes a giant leap by linking the slave plantations to Wall Street. By so doing, crooked business people were lumped into a group formed by all capitalists and implying that all business people are unethical. It follows that capitalism is unethical, which is not only a far stretch, but wrong. 

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The New York Times’ 1619 Project has aimed at nothing less than a revolutionary re-interpretation of the entirety of US history.

Adam Guelzo, The New York Post

Those who wish to live off the work of others will find the Socialist lifestyle is not sustainable. It is the vision born of the inspiration of natural rights that increases productivity and that shares its abundance with others. The idea of rewarding society and others for any successes harken back to a 2012 quote by then President Barack Obama. He said, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” In the Washington Times’ article, Cal Thomas wrote, “In context, the president was trying to make the point that in addition to our own hard work, others contributed to whatever level of success we have attained. The president suggested no one achieves success on his or her own.”

To contrast Obama, there is a saying, you can teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. The ideals of the Constitution nourish the growth of each individual and their dreams and success. It is these ideals that have caused the nation to flourish in spite of times of trouble. It is these very laws that, when properly applied, brought the end of slavery. These very laws also gave citizens the freedom to choose their lives and direction. Poor choices are not the failure of the Founders or every business owner. 

Slavery Abolished Because We Had the Constitution

From the time that slavery was abolished, each one was endowed with a choice. Immigrants from every nation have had a chance to make a life in the United States. Some have met that challenge with success, others have not. Stories abound of those who have overcome difficult circumstances and have succeeded. Because they made a choice.

Hannah-Jones’ father’s heart was not shaped by the atrocities of those around them. His heart was fortified by an inner strength. Those ideals on which he stood were not created in 1619! They were formed in the year 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed and, again, in 1788 with the US Constitution.

Hannah-Jones neglects to consider the histories of countless immigrants of various nationalities. Many of them were downtrodden and persecuted, victims of ruthless rulers. It lumps together every other nationality of immigrant, not a slave, into one pot. It fails to account for the myriad of differences between individuals of every background. This is racism itself.

Erasing the Past, Erases the Good

The New York Times 1619 Project is an attempt to rewrite American history and to project onto others embittered thoughts. If successful, this effort will not only erase the past, but the good and valiant efforts too. This will divide the country by groups rather than citizens. The globalists don’t have a solid, reasonable foundation upon which they can build their base. They must appeal to the emotions while discarding all reason and critical thinking. The purpose of all this is to colonize the minds and hearts of Americans to then recolonize the country. They are the new Colonists, with the most subversive and stealth takeover without having to fire a shot.

There could be no better way to destroy the Constitutional Foundation of the United States than to delete it from the history books. They will claim the years leading up to the Founding Fathers’ vision were the legitimate founding of the United States. As Wilfred Bradley writes in the New York Post, the 1619 Project is an attempt to rob blacks of their stake in 1776. To the contrary, in spite of colonists who engaged in the slave trade, not every white person in the nation was guilty of those acts. Many were also victims and suffered greatly in their own circumstances. 

Justice is Just for Groups

As authors Ryan P. Williams and Matthew J. Peterson note in their article published in the New York Post, the new cultural elites are attempting to dissolve the foundation of the rights of all individuals as written into the Constitution. They desire to replace it with new principles which grant rights to groups by race rather than as individuals. This itself would undermine individual rights and lead to legitimization of reparations for some and neglecting individuals of every other ethnicity. 

America was born of godly ideals in the midst of some godless individuals. Jesus’ godly precepts are not delegitimized because he preached them in the midst of sinners. Neither is the Constitution delegitimized because those who went before didn’t live according to its precepts. The idea that every evil committed within the boundaries of the nation formed the basis of the national standard is easily disputed. The laws that brought this nation to its heights were founded in the principles and ideals set forth by Jefferson and ultimately, as Williams and Peterson note, led to the defeat of slavery. 

The New Justice

But how else can those who wish to implement Socialism achieve their purpose? They must attempt to tear down the very principles upon that which made the country strong enough to overcome the wrongs and evil that occurred. During the previous administration of President Obama, racial divides increased. Moral rectitude is now equated with racial justice. This serves to diminish the worth of individuals through a merit-based system. 

Reparations, college admissions, and jobs received through Affirmative Action initiatives are race and gender based. Rather than judge each applicant as individuals, the deciding factor is the color of one’s skin. To award persons with rewards because of skin color grouping while excluding other worthy and needy persons because of their skin color group is the very definition of racism. Worse, it is a new Colonization, which creates newly defined groups of others. And now, this same rewrite is polluting the textbooks of our educational systems! As the New York Post Editorial Board notes, a curriculum based on the Project would be educational malpractice.

The War of the Worlds

This new war of the worlds is a war for the hearts and souls and minds of all citizens. There is a call to be bravely vocal that all that has gone before is not lost.

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