Correction Part IV: Our Rights

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Did We Give Them Up For Necessity?

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While you are reading this, where are you legally allowed to go? Is your state under a social distancing advisory, a stay at home order, a lock-down order, or under martial law? Where is the America of three a months ago? Are we still free?

These are questions that need to be asked, and have already been answered. The answer is in the Constitution of the United States of America. The stay at home advisory of the President was completely legal, and was advice that people should have followed to the best of their ability. However, we saw millions of people travel. We saw students go on spring break.

Never Before Seen Circumstances

We even saw people throwing “Corona parties”. The actions of the President were smart, it was the people who were dumb. Yet, now we see the President being blamed, and the people who got sick and died being treated as martyrs. The lockdown orders, in most states, are illegal. Without declaring martial law, there is not a law or precedent that the governors or mayors can “lock down” a city or state.

They cannot stop business, or prevent people from sustaining their lives. However, we have acquiesced to these breaches of our freedoms through years of apathy to small changes. It is these small changes that have created a need for a correction in this arena of society. One of the greatest breaches of our rights that we have seen is the institution of licenses.

Legally Wrong But Nobody Protests

The Supreme Court has ruled that the government cannot take a right, then license it back to you for a fee, but no one listens. Driving, many professions, owning a firearm, running a business, all of these things have been put under the thumb of the government. Slowly but surely, we have given up our rights without any argument. Right now, we are seeing massive violations of our rights.

We have the freedom to assemble in the Constitution, this right is inalienable in the United States. Should we be avoiding gatherings of three people or more? Yes, according to some orders we should. However the government (be it State, Federal or local) is breaking the law when ordering this.

Freedom of Religion and exercise thereof, are also dead in the ground during this quarantine. Once again, we should follow recommendations in this area (which people are not doing). The unconstitutional order from the Governor is a violation of our due process and civil rights. We are all basically under house arrest.

We the People Need to Safeguard Our Rights

We need to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again. The difference between a citizen and a slave is that citizens have rights that cannot be taken away. With only 7,000 deaths (less than the number that are killed at abortion clinics each month), we have lost dozens of rights. Is the fear so great that our nation cannot survive it?

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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The question I place before you, is whether we should have a serious discussion about imposing term limits across the board. Term limits should be imposed on all branches, the Legislative, Executive and the Judicial. We are allowing career politicians (who fall into the COVID-19 danger zone by the way) to make blanket decisions based on their political power, not their Constitutional authority. This has driven us into our homes, taken our rights and made us less of a people. It is time that we tell our representatives that they represent US. They must quit allowing this farce that they are our leaders, not our chosen employees, to continue.

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