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Weird Flex There, Rip

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What’s the Buzz comes at you once again with a mixology of crazy, whacko, off the wall, crock o’ crap bloviation from the usual suspects. It seems this virus has quite a few people exposing their inner lunatic like never before, and giving the sane quite a few laughs. My personal favorites are the soyboys of the left who find time to heckle the wrong people. Let’s start with this one:

Rip Swalwell strikes again! At a very old tweet by Kayleigh McEnany, in which she criticizes former president Barack Obama for working on his presidential bracket for ESPN instead of doing his job. All the way back in 2012. So this really was a weird and stupid flex for the ol’ gas bag to put out there. One must wonder how many McEnany tweets he had to dig through to find one he could safely bloviate on. 

But I guess he got what he wanted with the responses some blue checks gave. Such as this one:

Or this one:

But maybe what he enjoyed most of all was sending in a boatload of deranged resisters to say the most disgusting things about an eight year old tweet, to include that she is racist because she called Obama “son.” I call my two boys “son.” Obama said if he could have a son, he would look like Treyvon Martin. But that isn’t racist, because Obama is half black.

Apparently a black person’s immunity to the charge of racism extends to those who are half white. Unless, of course, you are bucking the Democrat party. Incidentally, McEnany didn’t even give ol’ Rip the time of day to respond to him, though what she could have dished out would have been well earned.

Bloviation: You May Sit Down Now

And while we’re on the subject, here’s Candace Owens literally incinerating a soyboy who had the stupid idea of calling her out:

Speaking of soyboys saying stupid things, Here is Majid M. Padellan, author of “The Liddle’est President,” who seems quite certain in his prediction. 

Of course, that’s par for the course for this “author.” Check out the bloviation in the introduction to his “book”:

“Spanky McDumbass was a horrible Liddle’ man who was a draft-dodger, a creepy dad, a businessman, and a bad TV celebrity, who lied and cheated his way to the most powerful position in America: President of the United States. This is the story of his improbable rise, and his ultimate bigly fall.”

Nuff said.

Bloviation: Twitter Silencers and Fake Outrage

And since we are on the subject of soyboys who authored stupid stuff, here is the creator of BotSentinel.com (an algorithm which has silenced many real live people on Twitter because they believe differently than he does) screaming to the sky about the president’s supposed insanity (Such intense bloviation):

Incidentally, President Trump did not speak of injecting disinfectants into your body to fight Wumonia. He spoke of a treatment that involves introducing UV rays into the bloodstream via IV to disinfect the blood. It seems we can no longer have discussions about things of this nature anymore. Of course, pharmaceutical companies don’t make money off of cures; they make money off of vaccines. Which is probably why the lamestream media freaks out every time a potential cure is discussed. 

Hey Christopher? Do Some Research

There are several therapy lights which filter out dangerous UV rays, leaving only UVA rays which are safe for humans, and uses them to treat various things from inside the body. This AYTU Healight was developed at Cedars Sinai, and researchers are hopeful about its potential use in treating COVID 19 patients. Here’s a short video by it’s developers on how it is thought to work.


Here is a known treatment for T Cell Lymphoma using ultraviolet light.

And here is Bridgeway Institute in Pensacola Florida informing us of intravenous use of ultraviolet light, and how it works to help their patients:

But if you’re one of those who trusts the vaunted Wikipedia more than anything else, I guess I can help you out there, too. 


Lo and behold, when one digs just a little bit deeper, one finds this study and experimental treatment is not new at all…

Tada! All that research took me about one minute. Ok, fine; It took me two minutes and 30 seconds. Whew. I’m exhausted. But here is one more thing, just to make sure I did my due diligence here:

Via Boston University

I’m Not Done Yet

But that isn’t all for this What’s the Buzz. We now have further proof Democrats eat their own; this in the form of two Democrats who dared to give credit where credit is due. First up! Democrat State Representative Karen Whitsett, a COVID 19 survivor thanks to the combined efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine and Zythromax administered by her doctor.

This lady had the utter gall to thank President Trump for bringing the combo to light at a recent press conference.

The same press conference, incidentally, which had media outlets inappropriately mentioning that Hydroxychloroquine was found in fish tank cleaner. A move many say puts media bloviation, and not Trump, at fault for the situation two Arizona bubbleheads found themselves in after drinking some fish tank cleaner they had in their home. Apparently the wife thought it was a good idea to ingest it even though it was clearly marked “Not for human consumption.” 

It was later found out that the woman and her now deceased husband, who died because his wife got him to drink the cleaner, were avid Democrat donors. This story is one of many “death” stories which cannot be fully corroborated by anyone. Especially when everything is listed as COVID 19 (speaking of bloviation). And now Democrats are censoring Karen Whitsett for daring to testify to her recovery, and thanking the man who she feels helped to save her life.

We May Need a New Underground Railroad

Apparently that’s not allowed anymore. And neither is being a Democrat (especially a Black Democrat) who dared to walk off the plantation and endorse a president he feels has done a great job governing. It really is quite shocking to see how the media and many in his own party have treated Vernon Jones, Democrat State Representative from Georgia. If you don’t believe me, look at the responses to this tweet, in which he adamantly vows to do all he can to re-elect Donald Trump:

Tweets like this one:

Rep. Jones has since started a blog about his #WalkAway journey, and sends out a daily newsletter to all interested. Vernon Jones has recently announced he is resigning as Georgia State Representative after a week of hell the Democrats put him through for having the chutzpah to endorse the President for a second term. 

Speaking of chutzpah…

Shots fired! 

A Good Day to Buy a Gun

And if you wondered why gun sales spiked so high during the COVID 19 lockdown, here are just a few reasons why every American with the 2A still intact in their state should take their TrumpBucks to the nearest gun store and buy a couple, along with about 5 or 6 boxes of ammunition.


Do Make Sure You Don’t Listen to Bubba J

That’s all that was interesting enough to make it into What’s the Buzz for now. But I assure you I am on the prowl in the Twitterverse, looking for more to regale you with. I shall leave you with this video in which Bubba J sums up some sound advice to heed during the COVID 19 pandemic.

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