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Lots and lots of crazy things have happened this past week, and this time we are going to focus on the nutty politicians who made it somewhat hilarious with a dash of rather frightening. As you know, all of these gatekeepers (Hollyweird, Media, Academia, Government) have been going a bit bonkers trying to remove a sitting president for anything they can throw at him. Their problem is, nothing seems to stick. At all. So some politicians are now trying to think outside the box. 

Beginning with this gal. This silly woman took her concerns about Hydroxychloroquine to the world stage and publicly made a fool of herself. Representative Tavia Galonski, a Democrat state rep from Ohio, emphatically states she just cannot take anymore of Donald Trump’s anecdotes on the efficacy of the drug hydroxychloroquine for people seriously suffering from the Beijing Bronchial Bug. GASP. She has taken her hysterical concerns to The Hague, ostensibly to bring Trump up on charges of crimes against humanity. 


For telling the American people what he is hearing about the combination Hydroxychloroquine/Zpac and the success doctors in at least two nations have had with it, this dingy darling decided to squawk and screech to The Hague and accuse the president of the grievous charge of offering hope and comfort to a frightened nation. This, of course, is par for the course for this flighty harridan. She has tweeted out gems like this in the past. Like this one, in which she says this:

That sucker is proudly pinned to her page, too. Apparently she doesn’t consider Jeffrey Epstein’s prolific pedophilia ring nearly as disturbing as a perfectly clean and well ordered detention center in which illegal children play video games and watch movies. Oh the humanity. I wonder how she feels about the NXVM cult, which ran daycare and preschool centers in Mexico as a front for a human sex trafficking ring (women and children). But she’s too busy promoting Brain Fart of the Hairy Legged Brain Farts to pay attention to that. 

Good Grief, Sit Down and Shut Up

And speaking of politicians who should probably sit down and shut up, Eric Swalwell reared his rootin’ tootin’ head again. This time to accuse the president of incompetence and demand he stop promoting One America News Network (OANN). The audacity of this gaseous goof is astounding, to say the least. It probably shouldn’t be, considering past posts. But here he is, SPeaKInG TrUTh To PoWEr. 

The truth is the American news media is dying out, which is why they’re crying for a bailout. This terrifies everyone involved with all that has been happening in our nation behind our backs, because soon they will have no media to cover their crimes. The advent and popularity of “fringe” news networks is just one more sign America figured them out, which is why Sir Fartsalot cannot stop making an utter fool of himself on twitter. 

Bill Blocking Pork Peddlers

While we’re on the subject of utter fools, Cryin’ Chucky Schumer can’t seem to help himself, either. The hapless Senator has now tweeted that the problem with funding small business needs to be addressed by President Trump and his administration. Which is pretty rich seeing as how it was himself and Nanshy Peloshi who actually blocked the funding bill, once again trying to stuff it full of pork which has nothing to do with helping American small businesses. Things such as pouring more money into the food stamp program.

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But he didn’t stop there. No, the New York Senator also had this to say:

In addition to fighting for the right to jack with elections by stuffing the next COVID bill with mail in voting. Seems these Democrats just can’t stop themselves from using a national emergency to push their globalist agenda. The problem with mail in ballot voting is that once that vote leaves your hands, there is absolutely no guarantee it will ever reach its destination. What do I mean? Just take a look at this tweet:


Flipping the Script

And now we know how Democrats were able to flip the House. Speaking of flipping, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is endorsing former Vice President Joe “Brain Fart” Biden! They even got together to give a joint statement, which is unprecedented considering…

What do I mean by considering? Well… the rather nutty Senator flipped the script, proving nothing is more important than defeating Donald Trump, not even his own beliefs. I present this video as evidence:

The thing is, the man who once excoriated Biden on his record in the Senate and as Vice President is now backing a man who couldn’t answer his charges without a teleprompter. And speaking of Biden, where is the man? With the exception of videos from home on the pandemic daily, which makes one wonder if he thinks he IS president, Joe Biden has been kept out of public view. I wonder why that is?

Patriots and Tyrants

And the crazy wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t talk a little bit about Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who has now banned the sale of non essential items in stores, inexplicably restricting Michiganders from seeds, gardening supplies, and American flags. You read that right, American flags. Pictures flooded the twitterverse showing caution tape marking off sections in a Michigan store, and the outrage flowed over the continuing power grab this potential Vice Presidential pick is attempting.


There is now a recall petition going around which has gone viral, now exceeding the necessary votes. Michiganders overwhelmingly voted to recall her, reaching a whopping 150,000 votes. Bass Pro Shops even issued a video condemning the Governor for her fascistic actions, which include banning the use of outboard motors while fishing. What that has to do with protecting her state from coronavirus, nobody knows. 

These nutjob whacky politicians have gotten American citizens so frightened, they’re turning into Nazis. Literally reporting their fellow citizen for being in their own car, not bothering anyone. Need proof?

And that is What’s the Buzz, I will leave you with this video proving the Easter Bunny is not a dude to mess with. Better behave yourself to the ladies, or he’s gonna issue you a correction.

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