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Recently, AYTU published a video on YouTube which shows their research so far on the Healight. The video shows a computer generated scene in which an intubated person has the Healight, which emits UVA rays safe for humans, into their airways to disinfect their lungs and kill COVID 19. YouTube claims the video violated community standards.

This light was developed by AYTU in partnership with Ceders Sinai Hospital specifically to use inside the body. The experimental technology was brought up in a press conference by President Donald Trump, who asked if the treatment could possibly be beneficial in fighting the virus.

That press conference generated a firestorm of twisted fake news in which the media and Democrats sought to convince the public the president was encouraging the ingestion of bleach and the injection of Lysol to battle COVID 19. This is demonstrably untrue, as uncut video of the president’s remarks prove. New Right Network is keeping an eye on the situation, so stay tuned for updates.

Mary Freeman

Mary Freeman

Mary Freeman is a publishing editor and writer for NRN. She thrives on political dialogue and seeks to communicate truth. Freeman loves President Trump and wants her country back. She's grounded in her Christian faith and enjoys networking with like-minded friends online. "At NRN, I feel as if I am actually doing something for myself and my country, and it has changed my life."

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  1. I researched uv light and diluted hydrogen Peroxide
    Treatments and they are FDA approved for certain
    Viral illnesses! Before antibiotics it was a widely
    Used technique to kill bacteria & viruses !
    Still in use for certain conditions! It’s a viable treatment
    To explore! Not a crazy idea!

    • John,

      I was rather surprised at how much information was out there about UVA therapy. I know there are entities out there with a vested interest in hiding this information, because a YouTube video made by a Colorado Pharmaceutical company in partnership with Cedars Sinai put up informing the public of their research into UVA catheters was removed and they were suspended from Twitter. My breaking article can be found here:

  2. This is typical of people who claim to be hot for technology but fight it every inch of the way. And they claim to be progressive. My company just got an environmental award it absolutely amazed me. We’ve been saving water with our technology for years. Environmentalists and bureaucrats usually care less

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