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Recently, AYTU published a video on YouTube which shows their research so far on the Healight. The video shows a computer generated scene in which an intubated person has the Healight, which emits UVA rays safe for humans, into their airways to disinfect their lungs and kill COVID 19. YouTube claims the video violated community standards.

This light was developed by AYTU in partnership with Ceders Sinai Hospital specifically to use inside the body. The experimental technology was brought up in a press conference by President Donald Trump, who asked if the treatment could possibly be beneficial in fighting the virus.

That press conference generated a firestorm of twisted fake news in which the media and Democrats sought to convince the public the president was encouraging the ingestion of bleach and the injection of Lysol to battle COVID 19. This is demonstrably untrue, as uncut video of the president’s remarks prove. New Right Network is keeping an eye on the situation, so stay tuned for updates.

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