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On April 23, 2020, President Donald Trump made remarks that had his detractors jumping for glee, if only on the inside. He successfully sent the joke on its way. En masse, they claim he mislead the public regarding upcoming Coronavirus treatments. All the media gleaned from it he actually meant to convey household disinfectants could be coming soon, to a vein near you. We dance all through that and charge that subsequent events only tip their concerted hands further, to those lucky enough to catch it. And with this, President Trump outwitted the fake news yet again.

Returning Nonsense

In writing down the President’s remarks, something stuck out. After speaking about an ultraviolet light wand to be looked into, he used the word and, typically indicating a change in topics. He said, “And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute, just one minute.” After suggesting they look into that as well, he then described a delivery method for such disinfectants could come via injections. “By injection inside, or-or almost a cleaning. Because you can see it gets on the lungs, and it does a tremendous number on the body.” He ended with, “It all sounds interesting to me. But the whole concept of the light, that it goes in one minute, that’s pretty powerful.” And that, right there, is where any modicum of media objectivity took its leave.

Notice the double use of the phrase ‘one minute?’ The media just wholly misinterpreted the President’s words and his intent. His referencing the one-minute quickness in both disinfecting and UV light treatment walked mums past them all…such scholars.

It’s quite possible the media pretended to believe he thought those things, when in reality, they had just received an incredibly sexy soundbite. They needed to let that comment stand without explanation or clarification, hence no follow-up until the next day. 

What Trump Was Referring To

Regarding the UV light wands, one company, Aytu BioScience, has such a wand, called Healight Technology. Following an indirect plug by President Trump, YouTube pulled down a mere 1 minute 40 second video that showed a simulation of their process. NRN reported its removal smacked of censorship. We unsuccessfully reached out to Aytu for a comment. Here is an embedded video, which at least shows the gist of it.

In the original video, a coated LED catheter capable of filtering out the harmful rays of light was inserted down a throat passage, coming to rest at the junction of the two lungs. It then clears, they claim, the passageways to each lung, using only the remaining UV-A rays, by repairing damaged cells and strengthening the body’s immune system’s own defenses.

Could UV technology, of any sort, end up actually being Corona-effective, and that taking a win away from Donald Trump was the only thing really at play there? Let us take a look at that from the shallow end.

 UV Technology

The National Institutes of Health lays out a history of it. They explain that the Nobel Peace Prize for Medicine was awarded to Niels Finsen for his work in proving light could successfully treat lupus vulgaris, a tuberculosis of the skin, in 1903. In his career, Finsen cured 412 of 804 lupus vulgaris patients using ultraviolet light. Irradiated food with UV light, in 1921, emerged as preventing rickets in rats and that led to the discovery of Vitamin D.

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Before penicillin antibiotics came along in the mid 1950’s, UVBI, ultraviolet blood irradiation, born only in 1948, was already widely used for treating asthma, non-healing wounds, botulism, infectious arthritis, tuberculosis glands, acne vulgaris, and lupus vulgaris, just to name a few. Recapping a study from 1950, 107 of 108 children survived rheumatic fever using UVBI.

Some three decades would pass before phototherapy was developed by the discovery of the action spectrum for psoriasis. Narrow-band UVB came after. A controlled trial, in 1996, showed UVBI, alone, reduced the hepatitis C viral load. In 2006, UV light and vitamin D treated tuberculosis. A pulmonary T.B. trial for children, in 2009, found that those administered UVBI + antibiotics, showed a faster recovery than those who were only given antibiotics. Drsubi.com states that since the 1990’s, there have been over one million world-wide UVBI treatments, with little side effects.

 What’s the Catch?

Clearly, not all are on board with the supposed benefits of ultraviolet technology. In late 2016, Carol Gentry wrote in Health News Florida that UBI technology consists mainly of the naturopaths who practice it, and scientists who reject it. She raised FDA concerns regarding alleged trial secrecies, and enlisted accredited immunology experts who shared her opinions regarding it being only junk science. If UV treatments did anything to strengthen one’s immunity, then we would already be using it, one doctor basically said. 

MDedge.com lists excessive artificial-tanning concerns. Fred Hutchenson lays out 7 skin cancer myths. Ian Richardson, in US Today grades: false, that ultraviolet injections have been around for years successfully treating viruses in humans.

What Are We Doing Now?

TheWire.com puts that there are currently 180 drugs in some form of trial for the Coronavirus, and so too, are 78 vaccine candidates. The WHO organization has a Solidarity Vaccine they are working to get off the ground. Idsociety.com lists cutting-edge treatments that have been approved for use, in America, today.

It includes, but is not limited to, doctors in Maryland using convalescent plasma. In use at the University of Iowa Hospital Clinics, are ECMO machines capable of acting as a patient’s lungs, to give their own a rest. On amny.com, at Mount Sanai Hospital in NYC, doctors have implemented a preventive blood thinning strategy before evidence of actual blood clotting is present in Coronavirus patients; China is, as well. Researchers at the University of Louisville seek approval for their Aptamer Technology, designed to stop viruses from hijacking the cells that self-replicate, by using synthetic DNA

Can We Afford Not To Try?

A NYC study recently revealed that 88% of CORONA-19 patients, who are placed on ventilators, do not survive. Concerns expressed by TheWire.com has that scientists don’t have any idea what the ‘correlates of immunity’ even are; or if a cure is at all possible, ever, for this virus.

UVBI therapy had been the cure for polio before being unseated nearly 60 years ago by the Salk vaccine. Last November, the Seattle Times reported the polio vaccine was causing new outbreaks “in Nigeria, Congo, Central African Republic, and Angola. Seven countries have similar outbreaks elsewhere in Africa. And cases have been reported in Asia.” They also list an endemic Pakistan.

A Haplessly Triggered Media

An objective media should have been asking follow-up questions, not reporting half-truths, so as to not be negatively affecting the masses. That is their reason given for not airing footage of 911 victims jumping to their deaths from the Twin Towers. They don’t want to resurface the emotions of that day, again and again. Why then, did that caring media seem to need the Jussie Smollett story to be true, and had no problems when Eric Holder declared the DOJ would not file charges against the New Black Panthers for their voter intimidation back in 2008? Was the latter not negatively affecting the masses through a media’s inaction

After only a solitary news cycle of one-sided perspectives based on the President’s words, Maryland officials, to name one locale, sent out emergency alerts urging people not to put disinfectants into the body. They claimed they had already received over 100 calls on the subject. Is that a knock on this President for poorly conveying his layman’s thoughts, or is it more a measure in how efficiently uncertainty can be dealt out? During the April 24, 2020 Coronavirus Task Force Press Conference, a reporter asked for the president to explain his “comments about injections of disinfectant?” Then proclaiming them to be “quite provocative.” President Trump responded, “I was asking a question sarcastically to reporters like you, just to see what would happen.”

Re-Righting Nonsense

President Trump, in reiterating that the infusion of light was a one-minute killer of this virus, rendered moot the earlier topic-jump he seemingly made. Even honest journalists should have caught that. Perhaps he simply misspoke, the luxury of clarification not even grudgingly afforded him in icy press rooms. Was Trump:

  • Referencing the UVL1500? With it, light is shot directly into the bloodstream intravenously.
  • Distracting the media with nonsense?

We all have our own thoughts on this pandemic. I don’t like that it will not matter if one has caught this or not, we all can still spread it through surfaces. It isn’t going away. So, while still knowing next to nothing about the topic, I will make a layman’s prediction of my own: none of the above. I say it is possible we could see a 30-60 day pill regiment, of sorts, come out. One that is voluntarily taken, and consists of a combination of say irradiated compounds, zinc, and (?X?). Remember irradiating foods with ultraviolet light prevented rickets in rats earlier?

Imagine if such an assembled shield were possible; one that could allow us ALL to shed our masks, un-distance ourselves, and tell WHO where it can stow their Solidarity Vaccine. What else, short of a vaccine, could allow us more than just a ‘no-touchy’ freedom back? 

Maybe a vaccine is what Leonid Schneider has resigned himself to. Skidding in here, literally, with a toilet seat piece in forbetterscience.com. He fully dismisses it, simply because the process is yet unproven. Instead, he pivoted to financial connections that exist. So focused he was on finding dirt, he just missed Dan Bongino imparting (34:00 mark) those related spikes in disinfectant calls to Poison Control Centers actually came in early March. They did not come after Trump’s comments, which he just had to add. This fact can be verified on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) website because all those claiming otherwise are wrong.

Sorry Media, UV Treatment is Old News

Might also recently emboldened skepticisms of UV-A and other like-treatments, turn out equally unfounded, as trials do get underway? Maybe, maybe not, but should uncertainty of its impact, while America still is unable to move, be enough not to try? Should we ask those who are intubated, and running out of options, how they feel about trying something new; even if there could be side effects? There is a 92 year old example of such a case where one was out of options and something new was tried. 

The first attempt “on a human took place in 1928 when a patient was determined to be in a moribund state after a septic abortion complicated by hemolytic streptococcus septicemia. UBI therapy was commenced as a last resort, and the patient responded to treatment and made a full recovery. She proceeded to give birth to two children.” The fact is, nobody knows what the exact right solution is to this Chinese-born flu. While the left rants about what NOT to do or try, it is vital all possible treatments and options are explored.


Controlling the narrative is how President Trump stays afloat. Just one word from him can sentence media types to pulling all-nighters just to study how next to undo him. Wedded in opposition, an aggravated media, one so openly invested in him never hitting a homerun, must surely tire of never hitting one themselves. 

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