Honing Unrest — Nothing Is Silly Anymore

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It would be frightening if America could be brought down just by perfectly aligning 3 fateful moons; our economy on the brink of ruin, Christianity removed from the public square, and our races pitted against each other. Enemies within and without are right now engaging and pitting their forces from every conceivable vantage point. Should we find ourselves thrust into an unwanted civil war, we would render ourselves most vulnerable for an invasion by an outside force(s).

Is the willful lack of leadership in Seattle just another election ploy to force the President’s hand militarily in taking the streets back? Do hostile anarchists even realize the larger part they might be playing by dismantling traditional America! The greatest epic of all time is unfolding right before our eyes! Watch Bob & Eric take on Seattle’s autonomous zone, Trump rallies, and COVID part II.

Tom Acheson
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