Blue Flu and White Guilt

Taking Over the Republic

American in-fighting dangerously forces our attention inward, leaving our periphery exposed. Salivating countries like China & Iran seem to already have their gloves off and their minions out. Up until 2016, communist-swooning leftists had seemed comfortable in their methodical take-over of our Republic; almost nonchalant.

They dutifully ensure we never truly tap into our natural resources; perhaps saving them for someone else? Democrats gladly use capitalism to install high-cost light rail & bike path infrastructure everywhere. Yet they work to simultaneously topple capitalism, once complete. The left has championed American abortions to the tune of near-70 million since Roe v. Wade. They wholly control our education curriculum……..

How has the left been allowed to weaken us so? Watch how Bob & Eric stand up to the left and the lawless, on this week’s episode.

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Tom Acheson
Tom Acheson
Tom Acheson is a writer for NRN. He was raised in Oregon and is a passionate Miami Dolphins fan. Acheson loves to make people think.