Regaining Control In The War On Culture

Series Finale of Weekly Wrap-Up with Bob and Eric

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Democrats have long lobbied against building new stretches of America’s border wall. Instead suggesting we need only modernize our surveillance techniques. When have they ever conceded that having an actual wall is essential in addition to any future improvements? Now, Democrat-run cities are taking this same asinine approach to the policing of their communities. 

Deciding to proactively erase the “thin blue line” in favor of an undefined, re-imagined policing structure, is akin to ripping down border walls. Similar to Nancy Pelosi callously stating that we needed to pass the Affordable Care Act to find out what’s inside. This kind of over-night change is not only asinine, it summons danger. A point certainly not lost on Bob and Eric. Watch what they have to say on the state of things in their last episode and series finale.
Tom Acheson
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