Baltimore – Why Does my Culture Offend You?

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Baltimore, at what point did my culture offend you?

As you toppled the statue of Christopher Columbus last weekend, I must ask the simple question to all involved. When did your culture matter more than mine?  Where you there in 1492 when Columbus came to the Americas? Did you have a friend who knew him to determine his “racist values,” Where did this idea he was a racist come from?

As an Italian American whose family came to the USA for a better life, I ask the question… When did your culture become more important than mine? At what point in time did you pass that statue and say it was offensive? Can you name what Columbus did that offended you?

For example, Let’s talk about values. Councilman Dorsey of Baltimore said Columbus does not represent “present-day values.” What values are those? Are they the values that would arbitrarily tear down statues to an Italian American and Catholic hero. Catholics created a worldwide organization that has done much good- in his name. So, whose values are you promoting, when you tear down his statue?

Cancel Culture – All Based on Marxist Lies

The erasure of culture is a two-way street. Is my culture worth any less than yours? What are we honoring when we erect a statue? Individual contribution or the perfection of a life?

Howard Zinn started this nonsense. His racist portrayal of Columbus in 1980 is false! Zinn left out specific evidence contrary to his thesis, evidence purposely disregarded unethically (designed to prove his point). These Marxist lies fed into a group that does not want our country to exist in peace. They seek to destroy our culture; starting with the people we have chosen to admire. Marxists seek to remove all heroes. It eliminates the trusts that binds us. Columbus, Washington, are all part of the plan. AN attempt to Destroy the culture we live in today.

Americans wake up and want to live a good life and live among their fellow brothers and sisters in peace. They don’t think about race until they are confronted with it. Most want to earn a living feed their families, and live in safety. I know of no one that awakens with contempt and hatred for people they never met. America is not a racist nation.

The Mob Rules Today – No One is Safe

Race-baiting mobs rail about inequality, resulting in haters doing their bidding. Mobs tear down statues and monuments. Making it a point to entice fear. When the heroes we created today become our enemies tomorrow, it stifles contribution. Can anyone live in that world?

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Without the whole of everyone’s contributions, this world would not be a desirable place to live.  If you are asking for perfection, then this world will no longer admire any hero. That is sad. Columbus is still a hero to some, tearing down his statue won’t change that. It will only change how people admire him. He is not around to be offended.

Regardless of political affiliation, I doubt anyone would agree with anyone taking matters into their own hands and unilaterally destroying property, or lives. What happened in Baltimore is a cultural realignment. What happened was clear; the mob did not seek to destroy Columbus’ memory. They chose to destroy our trust and faith in each other. They want us at odds.

Today’s Heros – Tomorrow’s Villain

Baltimore, Tell me about the people who chose to tear down a statue and throw it into the Inner Harbor. People, who want to destroy on a whim?  People that chose one day to disagree with a concept and set out as a mob to burn. Are these the people you want your children to admire?  What will be done to you when you disagree? What is next? Beat people in the streets who disagree?

I rather my children look up to a man who set out on a voyage with just a dream than a mob wanting to destroy that dream. Columbus’ dream resulted in the discovery of a new world.  The mob’s dream will destroy our world. Was Columbus flawed,- of course he was – does that make his accomplishments any less laudatory? Regardless of the reason, violence and hatred can never be condoned. What you are doing to Columbus today can be compared to what you claimed he did 600 years ago.  He demanded the indigenous culture change to fit his concept of the world. If it is wrong then, it is wrong now.

You want a debate about Christopher Columbus – Let’s have one!

Frank D'Onofrio
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