July 4th, 2020 – Is It The Declaration of American Socialism or Independence?

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Today, the United States of America celebrates its 244th anniversary of independence. America, your Independence is over!  Whatever belief that you lived in a free country has been obliterated. In the last month, mostly Democrat leaders and Governors have begun (again) to restrict your freedoms. While the country rebounds from the COVID-19 Pandemic shutdown, Democrats need to find a way to shut down the country again!  At the same time, we commemorate the freedoms we hold dear to us; Democrat Governors are choosing to restrict your movements. These governors have spoken by fiat; there is no argument.

Let it be known the Governors of these states are moving to take away the inalienable rights of every citizen of this nation.  All Americans be clear – you have been duped. Law-abiding American citizens are restricted from attending places of worship, visiting parks, enjoying social activities with groups of people, attending burials, and funerals of loved ones. While Large masses of protesters have been told that they are exempt, feel free to loot, pillage and plunder, even beat and kill people. 

These Democrat leaders have done more to usurp our rights than anyone in the 244 year history of our nation.  If you want to know how socialism starts, this is a living example.

Welcome to the New Normal

America, welcome to the new normal. While you were sleeping, Governors from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut (more to come), have instituted the Declaration of American Socialism. In a sweeping proclamation this week, the Governors of the largest, most populous, and most expensive places to live in the country, have restricted your rights, and mobility. They have placed a sign on these states, and the message is clear.

Business is Closed

Government has now taken over your lives. You have no control (If you ever had any). They have de-legitimized the police, State and city Attorneys General have refused to prosecute crimes against citizens; your protection is at a minimum.

This takeover has occurred in the name of a VIRUS called COVID-19. By creating the “Pandemic Panic of 2020,” our Government has instituted such draconian measures that the solution far outweighs the protections they have established. Important facts are that we have learned in the last four months:

  1. The Virus is not deadly to all – just those who have an underlying health issue
  2. Health Care Facilities never overrun
  3. The protections they claim will stop the spread caused larger problems
  4. RIOTS take precedence over Citizens
  5. the rules only apply to law-abiding citizens

If this was an episode of the Twilight Zone back in the 1960’s, I doubt anyone would believe it was possible.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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Is the Virus Deadly to all?

Statistics have shown that the Virus is of concern mainly to a specific group of people. (Those over 75 years old have a high morbidity rate.) This group includes the Elderly with underlying health issues, those with respiratory ailments, and autoimmune problems. Others who contract the Virus, younger Americans and those without health issues have mostly reported full recoveries. Forbes reports that 42% of US deaths are from .06% of the population (Not even 1%).

Five states alone accounted for almost 50% of the deaths due to rules put into effect, which transferred sick COVID-19 patients to nursing homes. Patients sent to be among the most vulnerable, rather than keeping them in the hospitals. The nursing homes did not have the means nor the facilities to isolate these patients were hit the hardest. The Director of the Pennsylvania Health Department, while moving their COVID-19 patients into the nursing home, removed his elderly parent into a hotel. Knowing the effect this could have, they enacted this death sentence to other elderly patients in their states. New York Governor Cuomo did not have a relative in a Nursing home, the number of deaths in New York, resulting in almost 5,000 deaths. 

Stop the Economy

Most states re-opened for business. The US economy is roaring back, (over 4.5 Million Jobs added in June). Democrat Governors are declaring this cannot last. These Governors have started to halt all economic growth in their states once again. They are mandating restaurants and businesses close immediately. Especially on the largest weekend of the summer July 4th, , these states will have unprecedented losses. The statistics are clear,. Yet Governors of these states are moving to close, not because of the Virus. But rather, because the economy is beginning to win again.

Tough precedents are happening, with terrifying effects:  Governor Wolff from Pennsylvania can declare anything an emergency. Under these rules, the governor can shut down all business in the state, depending upon any emergency he declares. Connecticut, New York and New Jersey Governors have stopped indoor dining, based on his own belief that the COVID-19 outbreak is growing. Practically shutting businesses  – some for good.

Is that the independence we all believe we had?

Health Care Facilities Never Overrun

Governors told their constituents that the reason for closing down businesses was the fear that the health care facilities, hospitals, and emergency care would be overrun.  New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo lied about the availability of respirators.  He purposely sent the Virus into nursing homes, with a requirement that they admit patients directly among those most vulnerable. 

Despite what you were told by the media, Hospitals were never overrun by the Virus. With the pandemic brewing, the Government put in place rules that inflated the numbers—Defining extra payments to cash strapped hospitals for labeling deaths a direct result of the Virus. 

How can anyone rely on any of the numbers used as statistics?

Does the Protection Cost More than the Cure?

The Governors of these major (mostly Democrat-controlled) states are instituting rules subjugating the people’s inalienable rights. Rules such as preventing worship in churches; banning gatherings of anywhere from 3 to 10 people; placing restrictions on mobility. Also affected is access to vital services.

In almost every hospital in each a major city, most procedures came to a halt. Governors were declaring procedures, tests, and life-saving measures postponed or canceled because of Pandemic restrictions. (Read about Hydroxychloroquine?) All medical procedures that were not related to COVID-19 became deliberately delayed. How many life saving heart operations, mammograms, and breast cancer surgeries have been postponed?

An individual can board an airplane that is almost at capacity, fly almost anywhere all within close confined proximity of strangers, for an extended period. Yet people cannot attend either indoor or outdoor church services. These rules are not only feeble, but they are infringing upon our individual rights, not just as citizens, but as humans.  

Our independence is now halted. What you are experiencing now is the new normal.

Governors are Demanding You Cower to Their Rules

Governors are demanding citizens wear face-covering, even while walking alone. To what benefit? Most cloth covers do little if anything to prevent the spread of disease., However, wearing a mask for an extended period, can cause severe health problems.  The CDC identifies the risk of droplets within six feet of another person. While everyone is maintaining the six feet social distancing, then what is the reason for the mask? According to Dr. Rene Sawyer Emergency Room Doctor,  “they’re effective only as a splatter guard. The face-covering  doesn’t block anything from coming in”

Breathing in air through a mask or cloth covering is uncomfortable, and can hod larger long term risk than the “possibility” of exposure to a virus.  Wearing a mask “At all times,” as some Governors have decreed, is absurd.  The only reason at the moment for mandating masks, in my opinion, is to ensure the public has a clear reminder of the pandemic.

Wearing a mask for extended periods can cause problems from breathing Co2 and our own bacteria.  Be honest, science goes both ways – there are virtually no odds that you can infect someone that happens walk in your space after a sneeze (Gravity = 32ft/second squared). Stop the BS Democrats!

However, your right to say NO to anything will be challenged – Today we are told to report friends who break the rules.(welcome to Cuba/ Soviet Union Rules Comrades) Our freedom of privacy, due process and self-determination are eroding.  What will happen if someone refuses a mandated vaccine. Or worse yet, refusing to be compelled to have a marker inserted into your body.

RIOTS take precedence over Citizens

Philadelphia canceled the annual reading of the Declaration of Independence on the steps of Liberty Hall today . The annual National Independence Day Parade in Washington DC is canceled. Bars and restaurants from Maine to Florida to California are closed. All to ensure the safety of the people against COVID-19.

Salem, OR, canceled their annual fireworks this year, along with many other towns. The claim is fears of COVID-19 infections and phase 2 guidelines.  However, Salem posted a warning for a BLM Rally with an expected draw of 1,000 people.  An event approved by the city. People were notified to keep an eye out for the protests.

What is the difference in the infection rate of protesters vs. Law Abiding Citizens? Is this freedom, or lock down. Is it a Martial Law?

The Rules Only Apply to Law Abiding Citizens

While everyone wears their masks in public, people are witnessing the double standards when it applies to rules. In major cities throughout the country, criminals are let out of prison. Some domestic violence criminals have been let out, only to go back and harass their victims. While we let hardened criminals out on the streets, law-abiding citizens are threatened with Jail and fines for not adhering to the pandemic rules.  Suddenly our Government has decreed that citizens have the right to destroy property and hurt others, but they do not have the right to disobey pandemic laws. 

With everyone wearing a mask, people are at a higher risk of assaults, we are defunding police departments, and the overall effect upon the citizenry is obvious. The pandemic fear is disrupting everyone’s lives. People are stopped from earning a living and losing everything they own as a result. Businesses may never re-open. Citizens are prevented from assembling and meeting due to rules set in place. Rules that make no sense, other than to panic citizens.

Are the rights of law abiding citizens ignored?

Final Thoughts

Our country is under attack, The people have just abdicated their power to the mob.  Our country once stood for something. People once proud to be Americans, stood proudly when the American flag was raised. We are now discussing alternative National Anthems. What ever happened to One Nation, under God?

The United States of America, as it was- is now, unfortunately – closed for business.  Is this the future? If so, welcome to the New Normal.

All depends upon the election in November – Those who want this country to remain the beacon of light, the Shining City on the Hill, will not vote to keep these Democrats from continuing .However, that is the wonderful point of a democracy – the people get the government they deserve. It is obvious, some who did not vote in 2018, are regretting the consequence. November may be our final choice to decide our fate.

If Democrats win in November, look no further than July 4th 2020.  The Declaration of American Socialism has begun.

Frank D'Onofrio
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