Baltimore – Why Does my Culture Offend You?

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Baltimore, at what point did my culture offend you?

As you toppled the statue of Christopher Columbus last weekend, I must ask the simple question to all involved. When did your culture matter more than mine?  Where you there in 1492 when Columbus came to the Americas? Did you have a friend who knew him to determine his “racist values,” Where did this come from?

The Declaration of Independence – Our Mission Statement

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This Saturday, July 4th, we celebrate the founding of our country. Our 244th Birthday. Usually, a happy celebration of our Independence, it is becoming usurped and stolen by powerful forces…

Bruce Springsteen, Suffering From TDS. Demands Trump Wear a Facemask.

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Bruce Springsteen - Yesterday's rock and roll legend lashed out at President Trump on Wednesday June 15th. He focused on the President Trump not wearing a mask to conduct his daily business. He ended with a Trump Derangement Syndrome Message. While the fires of Covid-19 took a back seat to the riots across the nation. Democrats needed to bring it back. So along with Governor Newsom, they are forcing Americans to wear a mask that is proven to provide no protection other than symbolic. Springsteen was brought in to carry a message that has no value., but symbolic

Media’s Backlash Against Dr. Phil

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The media's backlash against Dr. Phil has taken center stage. It is part of the Left's agenda to strip Americans of our Constitutional rights.