Baltimore – Why Does my Culture Offend You?

Baltimore, at what point did my culture offend you?

As you toppled the statue of Christopher Columbus last weekend, I must ask the simple question to all involved. When did your culture matter more than mine?  Where you there in 1492 when Columbus came to the Americas? Did you have a friend who knew him to determine his “racist values,” Where did this come from?

Bruce Springsteen, Suffering From TDS. Demands Trump Wear a Facemask.

Bruce Springsteen - Yesterday's rock and roll legend lashed out at President Trump on Wednesday June 15th. He focused on the President Trump not wearing a mask to conduct his daily business. He ended with a Trump Derangement Syndrome Message. While the fires of Covid-19 took a back seat to the riots across the nation. Democrats needed to bring it back. So along with Governor Newsom, they are forcing Americans to wear a mask that is proven to provide no protection other than symbolic. Springsteen was brought in to carry a message that has no value., but symbolic

Media’s Backlash Against Dr. Phil

The media's backlash against Dr. Phil has taken center stage. It is part of the Left's agenda to strip Americans of our Constitutional rights.