Media’s Backlash Against Dr. Phil

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Does the Media want to Open the Country Again?

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Appearing on an April 16, 2020 broadcast on Fox News, Dr. Phil echoed protesters and took the side of the anti-establishment media to open the country again. As a guest of The Ingraham Angle, he made the following conclusion “We probably shouldn’t have ever started”  the quarantine. He said there are 360,000 “swimming pool deaths” a year, 100 times the number of drowning deaths of any sort. But “we don’t shut the country down for that!” As a result, the media’s backlash against Dr. Phil began immediately. He has been getting everything thrown at him by members of the Mainstream Media and on social media. 

The Left-wing media and social media trolls immediately went on the attack. Online publications such as Media-Ite published every negative thought – even a response from Conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg: tweeting “I think we should call him ‘Mr. Phil’ from now on.” Rolling Stone chimed in, and many others. 

The media’s backlash against Dr. Phil kept coming from all directions, most from Internet hacks such as Acyn Torabi. “Dr. Phil not only apparently has no last name, but he also, in fact, has no medical license. Ignore quacks.” However, quotes from such learned people as Soledad O’Brien calling him the “The confederacy of dunces.” The Washington Post went on the attack, commenting that his statements were irresponsible, and quoting Dr. Fauci that there was a need for a piecemeal approach.

Dr. Phil Responds – While the Press Takes No Responsibility

Dr. Phil ultimately retracted some of his comments. What is odd is that people looked at Dr. Phil’s comments as a medical commentary and not a psychological one. His response was based on the mental health of his listeners rather than specific medical issues. Dr. Phil felt that people emotionally could be damaged by the Coronavirus, far worse than getting sick.

It didn’t matter. Battle lines were drawn. While the effects of this disease are large, there are conflicting opinions as to how we went about resolving it. There is a widespread belief that because of the mainstream media’s hype of the Coronavirus, millions of Americans are out of work, and have been greatly affected. The effect on our economy has not even been estimated, as a result of the Coronavirus. Would this Coronavirus have died a natural death without the stay at home, we would never know. At the same time, many states are inching back towards normalcy. While other states – mostly those lead by Democratic governors are moving much more slowly.

Is The Media Pushing A Narrative of Doom?

The media has a vested interest in the results. It was the media that started the reaction. Day after day, the media repeated the upcoming apocalypse of the COVID-19 Coronavirus to the American people. All while supporting governors who are removing the rights of citizens. They have been the leading voices of doom and gloom and have left people with a single question. Was the lockdown absolutely necessary?

The media’s backlash against Dr. Phil was front and center. It was the media that pushed the issue far greater than any other disease since the global pandemic of 1918. Their reaction millions will die echoed in every newsroom in the country while the effects have not come close. Could the numbers have been worse? Would million more people have died had we not sheltered in place? We would never know. What we do know is the number of deaths are extremely small in comparison to the estimates of just a few weeks ago.

Ignoring Upsets Brewing Against Activist Governors

Politico reported a shutdown backlash is brewing. Seemingly downplaying, the price “activist government” will pay for “the most astounding and disruptive intervention in the everyday” lives of Americans sinks in. People are moving towards activism, protesting the rules by these governors restricting their movements. Even President Donald Trump has weighed in on the side of liberty.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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Democratic governors are pushing aside basic rights afforded us by our Constitution. Activists governors (Democrats) have been removing rights from citizens. These are rights Americans had never imagined could ever be taken away. In Virginia, Governor “Blackface” Ralph Northam (D) enacted an executive order to restrict gun laws. Basic civil rights such as freedom of assembly and religion Americans held for centuries have been trampled. Activist governors are explaining fighting the disease takes precedence over people’s basic rights. Protests are brewing as a result. People are taking to the streets in Michigan and California. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) banned the purchase of American flags and seeds to plant gardens while also severely restricted the movement of citizens. The moves by governors are causing a reaction. Marches on state houses throughout the country are occurring along with protests by citizens.

There are places in this country where the lockdown is quite severe and severely impacts people’s lives. In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy (D), when asked about the Bill of Rights, responded that “he did not take that into consideration” when suspending rights for New Jerseyans. In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) proclaimed schools will remain closed until September. New York State has said they may not open beaches and pools this summer. In Pennsylvania, residents have been prevented from buying liquor. Mike DeWine, Republican governor of Ohio, is stopping people from crossing the state line to make purchases

What Will the Ultimate Backlash Look like?

At the moment, people are calm. The Coronavirus has greatly affected every American. If it has not directly touched them, it has touched them indirectly. With millions out of work, the economy must move forward. The stay-in-place order, because of many Democratic and some Republican leaders, ignores the rights of the people. Democrats in Congress are currently ignoring helping small businesses. Once again, delaying the vote. Small business is the life lifeblood of our economy. Will many millions continue to remain out of work? The Democrats purposefully delayed the signing of the stimulus package to add their pork and attempt to change the fundamentals of our democracy. 

Questions are clear: Will they continue with the new money assigned to small businesses? Will there be a backlash from the voters? Will American voters finally decide to tell Democrats they overstepped their boundaries? 

With the media’s backlash against Dr. Phil has their full attention, the media is not cooperating with the citizens of this county. They are complicit in drowning out reality. Will people believe that all of the blame should be placed on President Trump? It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Unfortunately, this is not a video game, or a reality TV series. The stakes for every American is high and they can decide the government they want.

Frank D'Onofrio
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