Barr Testimony A Mockery of Government

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Did anyone in the United States of America watch the testimony of Attorney General (AG) Barr yesterday? We should be appalled at the tactics used by the Democrat party. Democrats are a party that does not want answers, nor intends to fix anything, they lust power and control. Members of the House Judiciary Committee spent the entire day ignoring the rioting while exhibiting an outright contempt and mockery of our Constitution. Trying to take down an Attorney General (AG) that is fighting for all of us.

Every Democrat on the Committee yesterday decided to make a political ad for themselves. Seemingly they were making up rules that never apply to them. Making outright accusations, in the form of questions. In the end, mocking each one of us. Obviously these were questions that they never intended AG Barr to answer. They just wanted a circus show. A show to politicize and support anarchy and violence in our streets. A show that would pin the blame on the President,

Democrats would not blame the violence on themselves. Nor blame it on their lack of leadership or accountability. Democrats will never blame themselves. But they will choose to blame it all on Republicans. They blame it on Republican leadership, Then they blamed it on AG Barr and President Trump, Obviously, their objective is accuse all Republicans of racism. They tried to inform us that we are not watching the destruction of our country. In conclusion, it is all a Trumpo show. They attempted this farce first accusing AG Barr of doing everything in support his racist President. Then pivoting to his attempts to stop the violence.

Democrats Want Anarchy and Violence

AG Barr patiently sat while confronted with insults and accusals. Barr explained (whenever he could) that he did things according to the law. But that was irrelevant. Democrats stated their own conclusions. Despite denials and truth, it did not matter. Yesterday’s testimony was another example of Democrat party rule:. A mockery of our system of Government. God forbid Barr would defended himself. At one point, Chairman Nadler refused Barr’s request for a five-minute recess. It was outright contemptuous.  Members of Congress are stuck in Twitter mode. They never want a dialogue or a response to accusations. They hate due process. Except when it serves them

Make no mistake about it. From yesterday’s testimony it is clear that every single Democrat is not only absolutely blind to what is happening in our country. But they also condone the violence and want it to continue. Their only aim is to stoke division. Clearly they want us to be at war with each other, Creating a war between the people of this country is what they do best. The result is to make people fear them. Obviously, Democrats do not want solutions; they want anarchy. At the moment this is something they are thriving upon. They want to destroy our nation as it is. Once destroyed, they will rebuild it in a different way.  For instance, if democrats wanted a solution, they would be listening to the answers to their questions.

The Purpose of Congress

Let’s make this clear; Congress is set up to represent the people. The purpose of the United States Constitution is to set up the guidelines of our Government. Every member of that Committee and members of Congress took an oath. An oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.” However, it is an oath the Democrats seem to have forgotten. The preamble clearly states the responsibility of our Representatives.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty … – The preamble to the United States Constitution

It is appalling if it not comical (if this were not so important) . Members of Congress are ignoring their oath and thier primary purpose in Washington. They purport to represent the people. So why would members of Congress, Democrats specifically, ignore their primary duty? Because there is not a single consequence for their behavior.

Peaceful Protests – All a Myth

Chairman Nadler, claims the Portland riots and destruction, are a “Myth.” Despite obvious examples that it is not. Unfortunately, Democrats in Congress are blind to the damage. They are blind to what is occurring to our beloved country. Turning their backs to the people who elected them. Democrats worry more about the violent protesters, than their citizens.

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Obviously these are Anarchists. Peaceful protesters do not cut fences, destroy property, and seek to burn and maim federal officers. No legitimate protester does that. The end result: Federal officers and innocents injured and some murdered. These are dedicated citizens who were injured. People that were protecting their Government from anarchists, rioters, and mobs.  For instance, AG Bar said to congressman Chabot, on the use of force to push back the violent riots.  What would he suggest be done?  If this is “Myth” – Why can we see it with our eyes

However, after hours of questions and “testimony” from AG Barr, not one Democrat can justify a simple question – Who do you represent?. AG Barr asked the only legitimate question of the day to the Democrats assembled. I never heard an answer.. “Why won’t the Democrat members of Congress condemn the mob? ” They ignore the truth.

Do Democrats Condemn the Violence?

Not a single member of the Democrats in the Committee yesterday, in the Halls of Congress, as well as speaker Pelosi, have condemned the unlawful and violent acts occurring. They want it to go on unabated. In eight weeks, every Governor and Mayor of these cities have been justifying anarchy. Stepping aside and kneeling to the destruction of entire neighborhoods by anarchists.

Anyone watching can see that the demonstrations occurring in Portland, and other places around the country are not peaceful by any means. Ranking Republican Jim Jordan ended his opening response by showing a video of events that occurred over the last eight weeks throughout our country. These were anything but peaceful protests.  The violence is painfully obvious.

Did we hear a single condemnation by a Democrat. They ignore the truth, and focus on their interpretation. AG Barr asked the most important rhetorical question of the day – I doubt the media reported it, and none of the Democrats would answer it.

Federal courts are under attack. Since when is it okay to try to burn down a federal court?”

Are You Representing the People Who elected You?

Rep Tiffany (R) from Minnesota, spoke of businesses on State Street in Wisconsin, destroyed by rioters. The riots resulted in shuttering a classic local district. Subsequently from the looting, and lack of protection from local police. they closed. The city council, in Minnesota refused to help these business owners. The same City Council that refused to protect them. Sadly, they will provide no help to rebuild. This is a district of small minority business owners. Today it is boarded up and closed  

Local leaders on cue will not take responsibility for the lack of police protection, After they witnessed destruction of the neighborhood, they chose to do nothing in support of their neighbors. Obviously, the livelihoods and lives of people they represent are unimportant, and are now destroyed. Lives needlessly destroyed by anarchists, and rioters. However, our leaders will take no accountability.

I believe it is a simple question to ask all of the representatives from Federal to local, “who do you represent?” They certainly do not represent the districts and citizens in their districts! How could they?  

As we watch our cities burn, businesses looted, these individuals are claiming there is nothing to see. In other words, we are watching Democrat Mayors, Governors, and elected representatives systematically destroying our country, our cities – all without care. Above all, acting more like dictators than representatives of the people.

I believe that they forgot the fundamental principle of our Government – The United States Government receives its power from the consent of the governed, and the rule of law. – Not from elected officials.

Democrats Never Intended to Get Answers to Questions

It is clear from the questioning that the Democrat Party has embraced the Saul Alinsky tactics from Rules for Radicals.  They attempted to polarize the Attorney General. Obviously, to force him to make an error. Possibly to force him into a misstatement and then attempt to charge him with lying to Congress.

Rep Neguse of CO (CD-2), used this as an obvious tactic.Clearly attempting to get Barr to make a misstatement. For instance, Barr was asked under penalty of perjury to answer a question. Neguse refused to hear his answer. Neguse twisted Barr’s position. He used a a statement made by Barr that US Attorney Geoffrey Berman was “stepping down”. Then Neguse quoted the former Us Attorney and his testimony to Congress. Reporting he did not step down but was fired. As if this Barr made a deliberate lie to congress. What Barr wanted to say was that it was the policy of the Justice Department. Saying someone is “stepping down,” is used to protect the reputations of released attorneys. Rather than releasing a statement that said “he was fired.”

Neguse wanted none of that. He continued to berate Barr. At one moment accusing him of lying to Congress. However, Barr was not going to fall into a perjury trap set by Neguse. He said: “Damn it if I am going to be put into a position of under penalty of Perjury, you will let me answer the question .”

In conclusion, it is clear. To get to the truth, you must listen to the response to your questions.

Not a single Democrat wanted a dialogue yesterday – they wanted a circus.

Frank D'Onofrio
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