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Integrity / Leadership vs Corruption / Apathy

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The Maryland District 07 special election resulting from the death of Rep Elijah Cummings (D-MD) will be held on April 28, 2020.

In less than two weeks this election will challenge a city’s values. With an upcoming national election cycle of epic proportions, will our country define itself by leadership and integrity or will it maintain the status quo of corruption and apathy

Maryland District 07 Special Election

MD-07’s election, if a fictional story, could have come right out of Game of Thrones. This election, unfortunately, is far from fiction. It pits the Democratic Party Machine, with history of corrupt leadership, against an ordinary citizen, wife, and mother standing alone for integrity and optimistic values of our nation.

Kim Klacik believes her neighbors want a change; facing an uphill battle for her cause and to American ideals! Klacik knows District-07 believes in America again and believes in themselves. Klacik is running hard against a party machine (Democrats), which has paralyzed not only the constituents of MD-07, but people around the country with pure apathy.

Baltimore A Story of Corruption Turned to Apathy

Whilst Baltimore crumbled, elected representatives have used their political power to enrich themselves, ignoring the lives of fellow citizens and constituents. Politicians worked to distract the public from their lack of accountability and responsiveness, creating apathy. In doing so, they ingrained into people’s psyche that they deserve no better. The Democrat political machine was designed to devalue lives and curb involvement!

Baltimore continues to devolve as crime increases. Leaders emphasized it as a sanctuary city. Illegals poured in and garbage piled up around them. Holding an endless array of Congressional hearings, these politicians signified keeping the status quo by taking attention away from their failures. People felt powerless to change things with political machines running elections – UNTIL NOW! Kim Klacik believes she will change that.

It is an uphill battle. Just this week, the Maryland State election board reversed their mail-only Ballot decision allowing in-person voting by raising the specter of health issues voter fraud and duplicate voting.

Politicians Blame Everyone But Themselves

Baltimore politicians claim they hold no blame for what happened to Baltimore. Look no further than “subversive racism and the unjust criminal justice system.” In a city predominantly run by black politicians, such a claim seems counterintuitive since the same fabric of Democrat politicians have been exploiting Baltimore for over 30 years. While riots and crime increased, these politicians became more and more ineffective. Leadership blames everyone but themselves. Increasingly powerlessness, they represent limited action and disengagement.

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A useless politician’s response is always to do something while never fixing the actual problem. They shift blame to the environment caused by the apathy THEY created. Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s answer was to spend the last 5 years prosecuting police officers for aggressive arrests, All while the state reduced criminal prosecutions for crimes and breaking the rule-of-law.

Baltimore Crime and Corruption from the Top Down

Around Baltimore, corruption is rampant. In February, Mayor Catherine Pugh was sentenced for fraud, is an example of flaunted governmental corruption. Was it healthy that Mfume sent a letter to the court requesting clemency, while neighborhoods remain decimated, and crime is increasing without abatement? Baltimore is now responsible for the fifth-highest murder rate in the country.

Leaders enacting sanctuary laws, permit illegals to arrive and steal needed jobs from citizens. Leaders permit criminals to terrorize neighborhoods and loot businesses. They adopt bail reform programs while overseeing a decrease in prosecutions. With jobs less available and poor education, crime has gone up. Some areas are exclusively run by drug gangs who have inflicted power over the people of these neighborhoods. Police are powerless to arrest there. Finger-pointing exacerbates a problem seemingly no current politician wants to solve. Until now because Kim Klacik is ready and willing to solve these issues.

Baltimore Deserves Leadership

Baltimore is devolving into a third-world city. It is troubled by mounting garbage, crime, drug abuse, poverty, gangs, and ineffective schools. Ties to top Democrat officials in local and national parties do no help constituents who are largely ignored.

Middle-class suburban areas of Wyman Park and Hunt Valley do not feel the effect of inner-city Baltimore crime. Police ensure tranquility in neighborhoods where private schools ensure proper education. Prosperity is out of reach for the majority of District 07 constituents. Klacik asks, “Why are laws preventing parents from school choice or vouchers? Jobs will not exist for these children if not properly educated! Why are educational benefits only available to people who can afford it?” Some District-07 schools were not ready to present remote lessons to some children, thus furthering the educational divide.

Our leaders seem intent on the status quo. They prevent mobility and better jobs upward with these policies. Politicians complain about resulting crime and incarceration, based on an inequity they created.

Baltimore’s History of Corruption

Baltimore’s history of corruption is long. Mayor Catherine Pugh convicted for stealing, and fraud is the classic example. In the last ten years, two mayors have used their position of authority to steal from the very people they took an oath to represent. A third mayor left in a scandal of riots, an inability to lead.

Baltimore once run by Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., who is the father of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Pelosi credits learning politics from him–a man known for using his position of power to wield influence. That power protected his son from rape and perjury charges of a 13-year-old in 1953. Nancy and her husband Paul Pelosi are worth over $202 Million and live in San Francisco. Her district is surrounded by tent cities of homelessness and feces in the street. Pelosi claims herself a defender of the oppressed and less fortunate; while the opposite is true.

Where was Elijah Cummings as District 07 Deteriorated

Did Elijah Cummings’ power as a member of Congress help his constituents? Watching her neighbors living this way, Klacik was first to point out District 07 was a rat-infested mess last year. Why would Cummings not attempt to fix this, while supporting adding illegals! This is a point President Trump repeated in his tweets.

Did Cummings care about people he represented? As garbage piled up Cummings supported more illegals and derided Border Patrol agents for doing their jobs. Trump fired back, legitimately echoing Klacik’s cry. Did Cummings ever lift a finger to help his constituents living conditions? With the power the Democratic Party behind him, Cummings witnessed conditions of his district deteriorate while doing nothing.

Cummings’ amassed net worth since he took office increased substantially. Despite his salary as a US Congressman being $174,000 per year, his net worth grew exponentially. In a 1999 interview during his second term, Cummings complained about the cost of his child support. Cummings complained his $30,00 per year child support payment overwhelmed him. He claimed that he was broke. As a state Senator, he was not obligated to pay child support. Since 2006 Cummings’ net worth expanded sevenfold, from $175,000 to $1,3 Million! A question for constituents is whether they got their money’s worth being represented by Cummings and the Democrat machine.

America “Will get the Government they deserve” – Joseph De Maistre

Klacik saw enough and decided to run to represent her neighbors, friends, and children within Maryland’s District 07. On April 28, the people will have a choice to decide the fate of Cummings’ vacant seat during the District 07 special election. Unfortunately, the Democrats are up to their old voter fraud tricks. In joining, Klacik exclaimed, “We need changes not just in Baltimore, but on Capitol Hill. First of all, they’re not getting any work done.”

Unfortunately, Republicans running in the city of Baltimore or the State of Maryland, have a tremendous hill to climb. District-07 voters MUST stand up to be counted during their District 07 special election. The one-party rule of government, filled with corruption, must end! NOW! People have a choice with Klacik to put a stop to inaction of the past. Kim’s level of commitment, tenacity, and integrity will make an obvious impact to her community.

Kweisi Mfume – Providing the Same Ineffective Corrupt Leadership

Democratic Party leaders are propping up the same corrupt standard-bearers by choosing Kweisi Mfume. He is a symbol of their status-quo. Mfume represented MD-07 for five consecutive terms until he abruptly resigned in 1996 to give up the seat for Cummings. He comes back with the same baggage of corruption and defending a former mayor convicted of fraud. This is baggage that would shut anyone down, except in Baltimore.

Why did Mfume resign thus abdicating his dream to become the first Black Speaker of the House? Why did he leave abruptly for the job as President of NAACP -at the time a debt-ridden organization?. Is it a coincidence the resignation was coming with the passing of the  Congressional Accountability Act of 1995? This act defined congressional sexual harassment guidelines, among others.

Mfume and Allegations of Misconduct at NAACP

Mfume was the Chairman of NAACP for nine years before abruptly leaving amid allegations of misconduct, and allegations of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior while Chairman. These allegations accused Mfume of dating women under his employment. He was also accused to have “interfered with the inquiry, by exerting improper influence on two key witnesses.”

It is “widespread belief he provided  preferential treatment based on a dating relationship.”  “The impression created [was] that a woman must provide sexual favors to Mfume or his associates in order to receive favorable treatment in the workplace.” Mfume’s defense at the time was these accusations had never occurred before in his career, and they would be difficult to prove.

The pattern of abuse, to this day, is swept under the rug by the NAACP. Admitting the “affair with a staffer was a mistake,” Mfume is still denying the forced resignation. Is it because the NAACP report is hidden and a closely guarded secret? In today’s #metoo movement; Only Republicans will be held to higher standard. Since leaving NAACP, Mfume has been Chairman of the Board of Regents of Morgan State University.

People Deserve Better Leadership – They Deserve Kim Klacik

The people of Baltimore and the state of Maryland deserve a better candidate and require new leadership. Leadership has nothing to do with the age, gender, or race of a candidate. There is a need for new blood coming directly from the people. Kim Klacik is the person Maryland, and the country needs to represent them.

Our REPUBLIC is designed to be governed by citizens, not a ruling class.  To get back on track we need to elect more citizens who will not use their office for power or to line their pockets. We need people who are looking out for their neighbors. In this great country, we need leaders to step up like Klacik to ensure every citizen is properly represented. The job of a Representative is to serve the neighborhoods of this nation, not to serve their own self-interest. With a little more than two weeks are left until the election, the people of Baltimore will have a large burden. Hopefully, they will rise to the occasion during their District 07 special election.

Frank D'Onofrio
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