Kim Klacik: “I Don’t Mind Losing Fair and Square But This is Not Fair. They are Cheating.”

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I sat down for an interview with Kim Klacik running for the US House of Representatives in Maryland-07 district. Klacik is running as a Republican against Democrat Kweisi Mfume. The interview covered the current election improprieties due to abrupt changes by the state of Maryland on Monday. Mfume was adamant against mail-only ballots for the election from the beginning. Two attempts failed, and the Board of Elections finally approved the measure Monday, April 14, at the behest of the governor.

Klacik recalled Mfume’s reasoning for wanting in-person voting. “On several conference calls, he felt his constituents were older Americans and did not feel comfortable mailing in forms.” Another was that “the Democrats would normally bus their voters from the senior centers to the polls to vote.“ This would be impossible if mail-in voting continued. Klacik is also worried about ballot harvesting. She has come out against it. “I told one of my supporters not to collect ballots from voters.” Mfume has not spoken up about this subject.

Tipping the Scales? Improprieties the Governor Needs to Address

One of the disconcerting issues is the missing five minutes from the audio of the April 14th meeting. Klacik heard the Chairman (and this author did as well), say this decision was “at the direction of the Governor.” The Chairman abstained from the final vote: “Because masks and protective gear are not available for use.” Five minutes of the call are missing.

What happened to the five minutes erased from the meeting posted on the board of elections website? Someone associated with the Klacik team has that audio. (I thought cutting tapes went away with Richard Nixon and Watergate). What happened?

The three voting centers assigned are not geographically separated. The locations assigned by the board of elections are set up in favor of Mfume’s inner-city constituents. (They are within walking distance of Mfume’s home) and closer to the Baltimore City constituency than anywhere else in the three counties. All of the polling locations assigned were within 10 miles of one another. The gerrymandered district spans across three counties and a large part of the state; this gives many areas of the district no close access to the polls. This especially puts people with disabilities at a disadvantage. The state is “concentrating the locations on areas of Mfume’s strengths.” Kim Klacik is very clear: “I don’t mind losing fair and square but this is not fair. They are cheating.”

The Motives of Governor Hogan are Appalling

As a resident of the state of Maryland, this is appalling. It is upsetting that the governor of my state would have such reckless disregard for the voters and pollsters in his state. It would be one thing if he was a Democrat governor, I would expect that. But why would a Republican governor attempt to tip the scales of this election in favor of a Democrat – a ploy engineered to inflict maximum damage to a Republican candidate at the very last minute?

If Governor Hogan has any ideas of running for a presidential election, he should expect no Republican support in the future. His act of impropriety should put an end to his future career. He will likely be remembered as a Democrat and not a Republican (regardless of the designation after his name). Lt. Governor Boyd K. Rutherford also has a long-standing relationship with Mfume. Both should realize that, politically, this is not in the best interests of the people of Maryland. It is wrong. The governor is also supporting a candidate that does not share the values of Republican voters. Mfume supports abortion on-demand and the Democrat-socialist agenda.  

Is Governor Hogan Representing the Most Vulnerable People of Maryland?

Governor Hogan is not acting like a Republican governor. While preventing access to churches and shutting down businesses he feels non-essential, he is also preventing doctors from prescribing Hydrochloroquine (When did the Governor become a doctor?). At the same time, Governor Hogan supports keeping open Planned Parenthood and liquor stores and releasing convicted felons from jail. It is a travesty that former Mayor Katherine Pugh, convicted of fraud in February, is not serving her sentence.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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The governor will put the most vulnerable Marylanders at risk to vote in a special election, and not protect the workers at the poll – during the peak of the coronavirus.  It is a simple question, Governor Hogan… Why?

Watch my interview with Kim Klacik below:
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