Maryland District 07 Special Election Has Begun

Kim Klacik (R) versus Kweisi Mfume (D)

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Today is the day! The Maryland District 07 Special Election is underway. Maryland House District 7 voters, please make sure you either make it out to any one of the three available in person voting stations. 

You can also mail it in as long as your ballot is postmarked on or before April 28, 2020. Another option is to deliver it to a drop box location by 8 pm today, Tuesday, April 28, 2020.

Klacik Offers True Positive Change

Kim Klacik stands on the precipice of the next generation. What the voting results will show is whether the people of Baltimore will vote for the same corrupt government which has stolen from them for decades. Instead, they might walk into the future with a fresh face and new ideas by electing Klacik who has no ties to Maryland’s political machine.

Kim is not disillusioned. She knows she the next 24 hours will be the hardest in her life so far. Kim has invested in herself as well as in the people of Baltimore. She prays they have had enough of the corruption and lies. Their choice today is different as it is not limited between choosing a phony politician on the one hand or drug dealers and gangs on the other. Kim knows that both options show no hope for a future or anything different.

NRN hosted a virtual town hall with Kim Klacik this past Sunday. As she answered online questions from our viewers, she explained the election will come down to whether or not “the people are tired of past of rat-infested buildings and or will they look at me as the possibility of a new future? I come from the streets, worked myself up from the lowest job in the business, and lived it.”

Kim does not put on airs. “I try to convince others that all they need do is try, and the future can be better.” She concluded by point out “My opponent is going back to the same people with the same answers – Answers that never worked! that has been their only plan Taking you for granted for 30 years!  But the only difference today is me!”

Kim has a legitimate shot. With mail-in ballots for the Maryland District 07 Special Election race down almost 65% in the stronghold of Baltimore City, the door is open for a Klacik victory. Talking to the experts, they gave her no shot at all. We will all know after the votes are counted. We surely hope Kim Klacik will become the new Representative of Maryland-07.

Frank D'Onofrio
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