Mostly Red, but Rising Blue: The Progressive Rise in Texas

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The Red State Has the Blues

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Texas has a rich history of culture and family values. Texas is incredible, from a warm apple pie, cotton candy at a county fair, to beauty pageant culture. Many great Western films take place in Texas, and the cowboy state loves its culture. For example, what proud Texan doesn’t own a ten-gallon hat or a massive belt buckle? Perhaps Texans gave up on spurs, but they still own a pair of butt kickers, I reckon.

If the Democratic Party primary taught us anything, it’s that Texas has seen in a progressive shift. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) did better than expected there, primarily in Texas’ metropolitan areas. Leftist thought is on the rise, specifically in Travis and Dallas counties. Austin, Dallas and San Antonio are cities with a rising leftist constituency. Coincidentally, indoctrination is working well, as these are university towns. Furthermore, both counties are governed by elected Democrats.

Let’s hope, come November, leftist ideology does not trickle into more of Texas. Preservation of Texas’ rich history is essential to maintain values and conservatism. If Texas continues down this path, expect for Republicans to face some issues. Because if conservatives lose this red state, understand what we’d give up. It remains pivotal that the conservative message spreads through Texas, while not risking leftists gaining further support.   

“…voter fraud is taking place and that yes, illegal immigrants are voting in U.S. elections,”

Texas attorney General, Ken Paxton

Years of Leftist Rise

For the current period of 2016-20, three counties have ideological scores toward the left of the middle point of 4.0. Ratings are as follows Travis (3.4), Hays (3.7) and Dallas (3.8). Secondly, Texas’ most left remaining counties include Bexar (4.0), Harris (4.1), Collin (4.1), and Cameron (4.1). In contrast, counties with the most conservative ideological scores are Smith (5.1), followed by Lubbock (4.9) and McLennan (4.8). Lubbock and Waco serve as regional hubs for surrounding rural and semi-rural areas. Remaining conservative areas include Galveston (4.6), Brazoria (4.6), and Montgomery (4.5), all three of which are suburban areas of Houston.

There is a bright light for a conservative stranglehold on Texas. Of the remaining 22 counties, it is a toss-up. In Tarrant and Williamson, the score is 4.2 and 4.4 in Fort Bend, Bell, Hidalgo, and Denton, with Nueces, El Paso, and Jefferson in between, at 4.3. Though mainly center, these counties are more right-leaning, just by a hair. Let’s snatch up undecided Texans now, and get these voters.

Statewide, positions of registered voters dropped from 4.5 to 4.3 between 2011-15 and 2016-19. Among the 22 counties, all but five saw their ideological means shift to the left. Three (Lubbock, McLennan, and Nueces) experienced no shift in ideology, while two (El Paso and Hidalgo) now moved only slightly left. Point two percent may seem like a non-issue, but it is.

Do not look at 0.2% as the main argument to go off of, as overall numbers are often inflated figures. Of 22 counties, six experienced notable left shifts. Dallas (0.5%) saw the most significant change, and comprises Democratic local and state governance. Following Dallas county’s trend, Collin (0.4%), Brazoria (0.4%), Bexar (0.4%), Hays (0.3%), and Cameron (0.3%) also saw a rise. Collin, Brazoria, and Hays are suburban counties, respectively, in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and Austin. These counties are left bound, due to socio-demographic profiles mirroring their urban areas.

Cornyn vs. Ramirez

Cristina Ramirez, a labor organizer, is vocal of her disapproval of Sen John Cornyn (R-TX). Ramirez calls out Cornyn every chance she gets. It is foolish to call Cornyn out over comments made about a bat causing COVID-19. We remember that Ms. Ramirez made a questionable joke about her Mexican heritage. Of all 11 democratic nominees, this Cornyn-hating leftist, is in the top three. Thankfully, expect Ramirez to lose to MJ Hegar, a lesser of two evils.

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However, since February, a new Super PAC called Lone Star Forward PAC, has been pumping money into Ramirez. Lone Star Forward seems convinced Ramirez is their girl to take down the Senator, although Cornyn appears unmoved by leftist strong-arming. Cornyn has been an elected official since 2002, he is no doubt confident. Harris County remains mostly conservative, and this is good news for Cornyn. His county has not seen a significant progressive rise, therefore he can bank on re-election.

Texas and President Trump

The Lone Star State assigned 38 Electoral College votes to the state’s popular vote winner, but two unsure electors chose other candidates. Texas became the only state in 2016 to give President Trump fewer than the assigned electoral votes. However, in retrospect, Trump did well and won in many areas progressives had not expected. What is expected, Texas will not be a swing state, as it still sits predominantly right.

Trump will keep Texas, conservatives can rest easy, for now. Though for Texas to remain a red state, current trends need to die quickly. If not, Texas conservatives have no choice but to watch their state be overthrown by lefties. Knowing many people from Texas, Texans are fighters, and tough as nails. A good fight faces any progressive who thinks Texas will bow down to socialists. Trump will MAGA on in Texas, and walk into another four-year term.  

New Texans and University Indoctrination

One can argue two key factors are behind this progressive shift migration and campus indoctrination. Most areas where political stances are changing are in urban Texas. Primarily, every university city in Texas shows the effect of the shift. Yes, even professors in Texas are avidly center-left to left. Unless it is a business program, expect young voters enrolled in universities to not campaign for Republicans.

Secondly, migration is equally significant, as Texas has a proportionately large number of Mexican immigrants. Expansion of the welfare state is not only costly, but traditionally leftists use immigration as a tactic to secure votes. Leftists do not care about immigrants; it is instead dollar signs and votes they’re fixated on.

Texas is a state full of good people, liberals and conservatives alike. Liberals, some times, can be courteous and friendly. Liberals often are capable of discourse, but not all of them can do it. Additionally, once waters tread further left, civil discourse is thrown out the window.

It then becomes a one-sided screaming match. This wastes our breath more than theirs. So just carry on conservative Texas, fight a good fight. Most importantly, stick with those good old Texas values. They’ll take you to a better future, as always.

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