Breaking News: Democrat Kweisi Mfume Sworn in for MD-07 – Before Certification

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Democrat Kweisi Mfume was sworn in Tuesday at 8am ET to fill the late Elijah Cummings’ vacant seat. Mfume will be representing District 07 in the US House of Representatives. However, what is troubling is the election still has not been officially certified by the Maryland Board of Elections.

While Mfume has declared himself the winner, there are still votes to count. In a mail-in only election, there is no way to ascertain that any vote regardless of Party affiliation can be assumed for any candidate.

Greg Stewart, the campaign manager for the Kim Klacik campaign, told me in a phone interview: “We still did not receive official word declaring an official winner. Kim still is not giving up. Kim has yet to concede this election.” Stewart continued: “Why aren’t we waiting until all the votes are counted? There are still outstanding votes. Votes in the mail, not delivered, opened or counted. How can anyone assume they have the votes to win until every ballot is opened?”

Maryland Voting Irregularities

In addition to the irregularities reported by New Right Network, Stewart identified more voting irregularities on voting day. “One of the drop off boxes outside the voting center allowed people to drive in and drop off their ballots. This was the only drop off box that did not have a camera, (outside of Martin’s West location). This box had over 1,000 ballots put into it. This would not be irregular, but you would notice 1,000 cars driving up that road. The traffic patterns never indicated it. It just seems irregular to me.”

The MD-07 Election Will Start Again Next Month

If Mfume will in fact take the MD-07 seat, he will only hold it until the end of the year. The seat will be up for re-election in November. Mfume, as well as Klacik, will need to win their respective primaries on June 2nd, to represent their Parties. Depending upon the primary results, the two front runners will possibly square off again this November.

New Right Network will be continuing our in-depth coverage of the Special Election, as well as the upcoming primaries and November election.

Frank D'Onofrio
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