Election Predictions: TDS Virus Has Changed Things

TDS Virus Infects 5 Governors and Changes the 2020 Senate and Presidential Election

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Did you hear about the new political movie being produced this fall? It’s a story about five US state governors infected by the TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) virus, slow-walk their state’s economic recovery and maintain high unemployment rates to elect Democrat US senators in their states to get the senate majority and help elect Joe Biden as President.

Think this is crazy? Some have said the Democrats aren’t smart enough for this. Seriously? You are talking about a Party that developed and executed a brilliant strategy to bring down Michael Flynn, get Jeff Sessions to recuse himself, open up the ridiculous Russian Collusion investigation, nearly blocked the Kavanaugh appointment, and initiated the Ukraine inquiry…just to name a few of their tactics designed to halt or slow Trump’s success. And this tactic is the mother of them all.

We all know how pervasive the TDS virus is. It has infected 90% of the media including Google, YouTube, and Facebook and half the populous, and these five Governors. This virus only gets cured with a change in control of the Senate and the White House. And the masterful tactic? Negate the high value of the economic “trump card”…a card that normally gets incumbent Presidents re-elected for a second term.

We might have to give the people some cake (stimulus checks, PPP, EIDL, unemployment checks) to keep them from suffering too much. If we can keep the economy slowed down until Q3 2020, we will maintain control of the House, win the Senate majority, and render President Trump virtually powerless in the event we can’t defeat him on election day.

Here’s the main cast of state Governor characters: Laura Kelly (D-KS), Tim Walz (D-MN), Janet Mills (D-ME), Roy Cooper (D-NC), and Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI).

The combined Coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths in four of these states – Kansas, Minnesota, Maine, and North Carolina is 750. These low numbers coupled with strong evidence that COVID mortality is based more on underlying health issues – like obesity – than the virus itself are causing people to wonder what this is all about. And with governors encouraging their residents to not go outside in the sun for fresh air and exercise their credibility and motivations are being questioned and challenged.


Employment and output will decline by 27% in Kansas. Contrast this with total mortality of 134 deaths in the entire state.  Two counties (Johnson and Wyandotte) account for 97 deaths, 73% of total. Yet, Kansas Governor Kelly continues to lock-down the other 103 counties with 37 deaths…that’s an average of about one death for every three counties.

The Kansas Senate race pits Kris Kobach (R) vs. Barbara Bollier (D). Support from the Governor Kelly coupled with a weak economy could be a great combination to help Bollier win this seat and win the six electoral votes for Biden in the 2020 election.

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What about Maine’s 16 counties? Thirteen percent of Maine’s workers have filed unemployment. Yet, Maine has only 56 deaths. Two counties (Cumberland and Waldo) account for over 70% of the deaths in Maine. The other 14 counties have experienced an average of one death per county.

Maine’s Governor Janet Mills has locked down all counties including the 14 counties with less than a dozen total deaths. Sara Gideon (D) is trying to unseat Sen. Susan Collins (R). Governor Mills and Gideon are connected at the hip with their state funded abortion bill sponsored by Gideon at the request of Mills. Mills could push Gideon over the finish line to win the Senate seat.


It’s the same story in Minnesota with Governor Tim Walz, who claims to be “…following the data.” Minnesota has 87 counties with 395 deaths. All counties enduring the same lockdown as the two counties (Hennepin and Ramsey) which account for 290 deaths, nearly 75% of the state’s total. The other 85 counties have experienced an average of 1.2 deaths per county.

Democratic Sen. Tina Smith won a 2018 special election by 11 points and is now seeking a full term. Former Rep. Jason Lewis is running on the Republican side. In an email, Governor Tim Walz (D-MN) showed support of US Senator Tina Smith’s (D-MN) re-election campaign: “Tina Smith is a good friend of mine…it’s a must-win seat if we want to take back the Senate majority. Minnesota is a top target for Donald Trump.” Most believe if the economy is strong, Lewis and Trump will win. If the economy is weak, Democrats could win (retain) the Senate seat.

North Carolina

There are 100 counties in North Carolina with 420 total deaths. But 11 counties account for 180 deaths representing nearly 50% of the state’s deaths. No county has more than 50 deaths in their respective county. The average number of deaths in these eleven counties is 18. The average mortality for the remaining 89 counties is less than three per county.

The Senate race pits incumbent Tom Tillis (R) against state Senator Cal Cunningham (D). Many consider North Carolina a toss up state now. But a strong economy gives Republicans and Trump a competitive edge. Keep an eye on Governor’s Cooper balancing his own personal re-election risk in 2020. If he clamps down too hard on the economy to assist Cunningham’s success and ensure Trump’s failure in the state, he might hurt his own re-election.


0ver 86% (3,474) of Michigan’s 4,020 deaths were in four counties (Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, and Genesee). Michigan’s remaining 546 deaths are dispersed over the remaining 80 counties. On average, less than seven per county. Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) has chosen to clamp down hard on anyone and everyone in all counties who dares to reject her containment tactics.

Incumbent first term Senator Gary Peters (D) is facing a challenge from John James (R). James, an African-American combat veteran, is making his second bid for the Senate after losing to U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Lansing, a longtime Democratic incumbent. Governor Whitmer is fairly silent on her support for Peters most likely because it’s not politically correct to campaign against an African-American vet. If she could help deliver Michigan’s 16 electoral votes to Biden, she will be a hero to the Democrat Party.

For years, I have said the media plays checkers and Trump plays chess. That’s why he beats them every time. This, however, is a different game. The Chinese have a game called go. Many say this game is more complicated than Chess. I suspect the Democrats are playing go…Trump is playing Chess. And if he doesn’t play go, he will lose the Senate and his re-election.

Alexandra Brinkley
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