Tricia Flanagan During NRN+ Town Hall Accepts Challenge to Debate other Republicans: NRN+/Live Will Host the Debate

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The Republican Party of New Jersey (NJ GOP) has not provided a forum for all Challengers to debate.. They have discouraged all of the challengers to debate each other. Instead, the NJ GOP seems to be promoting a single candidate, former Obama-era appointee Rik Mehta. Therefore, it seems the NJ GOP is trying to push a candidate on the voters of their choosing while limiting the platform from all of the other voices. Also, Rik Mehta has refused to debate anyone who has challenged him.

On May 18th, 2020, NRN+ Moderator Frank D’Onofrio asked Republican Candidate Tricia Flanagan: “Would you wold come back to debate the other Republican challengers for the Republican nomination.” Tricia Flanagan enthusiastically told NRN+ “I will be there!”

Since the Deadline for submitting Mail-in ballots is July 7. The deadline is only a few weeks away, and the NRN+ team believes this would be a great moment to hear from all of the candidates, allowing each of them to present their platforms and, ask each other questions.

Only Candidates Donating $10,000 NJ GOP Allowed to Address Delegates at March 2020 Leadership Conference.

At the March 6 – 7, 2020 Republican Leadership Conference The NJ GOP restricted Tricia Flanagan and other Senate Candidates from speaking to the delegates in attendance. They discouraged legitimate candidates from speaking and would only promote those paying a $10,000 speaking fee to the NJ GOP. Flanagan argued against this requirement, believing this cost was prohibitive. It also did not seem logical to Flanagan to use Campaign donations to pay a $10,000 fee to the NJ GOP. Flanagan would use the money Instead, on actual Campaign costs. Why would the NJ GOP restrict legitimate candidates from speaking to the voters?. It did not seem logical since Flanagan is a successful female business owner in New Jersey and a good representative of the party. Flanagan commented that she “wondered what the NJ GOP would gain with such a restriction.”

As a result, Rik Mehta was the only Senate candidate scheduled to speak at the event, His campaign had paid the $10,000 speaking fee. NRN Plus believes it is not fair to the people of New Jersey. It is important that they get a chance to hear from other candidates with legitimate platforms. including Flanagan.

NRN Plus / Live Debate will be the only Place to Hear From All Republican Candidates

During the entire year, the NJ GOP has not invited these candidates to speak together on the same stage and square off. Anyone from New Jersey can attest that debating is part of their DNA. However, the NJ GOP made it clear that they will only allow speakers with large Bank accounts to speak to the constituents. NRN Plus believes this is not in the true spirit of American politics. The public square should be open to all. NRN Plus will offer the Virtual Town Hall platform for all New Jersey Republican Candidates. Anyone choosing not to attend will be displayed with a Black screen with their name across it.

As a result, has agreed to host the live Republican debate for US Senate tentatively set for June 2, 2020, at 8 pm (et). NRN+ will be inviting all Republican challengers on the ballot to attend. Questions to be asked by a panel of NRN Personalities, and also from video questions submitted by constituents in advance. NRN+ will formally invite all of the Republican challengers on the Mail-in ballot to the debate stage by Thursday, May 21, 2020. New Right Network will keep you posted on their response. Hopefully, the responses will allow the Virtual debate stage o feature all the Republican candidates who have qualified for the Mail-In voting ballot. They are:

Join us at WWW.NRNPLUS.COM/LIVE to see all Republican candidates square off – LIVE.

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