Bruce Springsteen, Suffering From TDS. Demands Trump Wear a Facemask.

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Is it a Useless Symbol – Destroying our Liberty?

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Yesterday’s entertainment icon “Born in the USA” singer Bruce Springsteen weighed in on facemasks Wednesday. Saying to President Trump:

“Show some consideration and care for your countrymen and your country,” he added, “Put on a F***ing mask.”

Hey Boss, FYI, the use of a cloth facemask does nothing to stop the Virus. Understand, it is a useless Symbol. Show some consideration and do some actual research. Instead of showing us that you have fallen for the phony hype. Sadly, the facemask is a symbol used to dominate Americans. Also, it is a demonstration of your ignorance of the effects the Virus is having upon our Liberties. May I suggest you go back to standing by our Flag.

Boss, you are clearly suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Unfortunately, it is real. I suggest you find some treatment for it. Lastly, President Trump is correct; you are wrong .

By the way. Your influence, if you had any, waned a long time ago.

Our Flag and Our Liberty – Is Born in the USA

The American Flag is a symbol of our Country’s Freedom: Despite the “feelings” of NFL players and others today to the contrary. The cost of our Freedom is paid for with many lives. In history, these are the lives of our friends, children, relatives, spouses, parents, and grandparents, as well as some we never knew. Americans used our Flag throughout history as their beacon of light. However, Springsteen used that symbol to make $Millions. Now many use it to protest what our Country stands for. Disrespecting our Flag disrespects all that fought and died for our Freedom.

Citizens from Francis Scott Key (who wrote the Star-Spangled Banner); soldiers from Washington’s army; marines of Iwo-Jima; astronauts on the moon; soldiers on the battlefield today, look upon our Flag as the symbol of Hope, Freedom, and Liberty; not a symbol of oppression. Our countrymen gave the ultimate sacrifice while defending that Flag,

Bruce Springsteen draped his album cover and played his concerts with the American Flag. It seems he made $millions by singing, “I was Born in the USA.” Doing it with an American flag in the backdrop. Today he is being used by a complicit media to subjugate the citizens into a new normal.

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In a short time, Americans lost rights that they never relinquished nor agreed to give up. Amazingly, we thought these rights were sacred, and endowed by our creator. Understandably, these are rights that must never be co-opted. Usurped and stolen, some are still waiting for them to be restored. Where is Springsteen about that issue?

All he says is “wear a F**ING Mask.”

Why Suddenly is a Mask Important?

America is going back to work. One by one, we are leaving our quarantined homes to venture outside. While at home, we have a constant reminder of the virus. However, a return to work requires new daily reminders. The media and the Democrat party have created the latest reminder of the pandemic. The facemask. Understand, it is imperative, that the media as well as the democrat party present this daily reminder to all Americans.

As recently as a month ago, the media began implementing their newest symbol of defeat: The press started wearing facemasks during presidential press conferences. This week, as people return to work, Governors are demanding people to wear a facemask. Notwithstanding, we were told early on that a facemask could not halt the spread of the virus.

At the same time, the media has been questioning why President Trump does not wear a facemask. A facemask is the new symbol for COVID-19. The Ultimate sign that the Pandemic is defeating us.

There is always concern that President is not playing along. To neutralize his effect, they must polarize him, and single him out.

The President Does not Wear a Mask

However, President Trump is not playing along.In the background, a cacophony of left-wing run media is again upset at President Trump, questioning him daily. Why is he not wearing his mask?

Vice President Mike Pence, also does not wear a mask. Chuck Schumer on the floor of the Senate last week, publicly shaming Vice President Pence. He admonished him for not wearing his Facemask. Obviously, the symbolism must be perpetuated for the plan to work. As we go about our daily work. We will be reminded of that fact. People will be pointing you out.

Remember, this is now the new normal

The Symbolism of the Facemask

Governors are forcing people to wear facemasks whenever they venture out. Citizens must wear them at the grocery store, or whenever we are among other people. The Facemask, like the quarantine, promotes defeat. While most people wear masks that don’t work. Others wear them incorrectly. What good are they doing?

President Trump will not wear the facemask symbol during his daily interactions. He knows the masks are useless. Yet the left-wing media demands Trump to succumb to their symbolism of defeat. Springsteen demands Trump comply with that symbolism. He knows all about symbolism. He used the symbolism of the Flag to make himself wealthy.

President Trump has said many times that he understands Branding. Of course, the left-wing media would like nothing more than to attach this latest brand to the President. It is not enough that the people must wear a mask.

The Facemask is a purposefully designed symbol that we are under attack and powerless to stop it.

Leave it to the left to promote this symbolism. Now it is spreading faster than a California wildfire. Yesterday, Governor Gavin Newsom and more democrat run states demand facemasks be worn by citizens.

Does Wearing a Facemask Help?

Many scientists, including the WHO, have clearly stated for months that it was unnecessary to wear facemasks. (including Dr, Fauci on March 8th). The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), as recently as last month, called masking a purely symbolic gesture. According to the NEJM, a facemask scientifically does nothing for the wearer. Therefore, it does not halt the spread of the disease. 

Yet all of a sudden, these claims changed. Today, Governors are mandating facemasks be worn. Yesterday they were unnecessary. The reasoning given to us does not make sense. Dr. Fauci tells us today about supplies of masks for hospital workers. Yet that has always been an issue. Why Now?

The media like Springsteen purposefully wish to perpetuate symbolism.

The Hypocrisy of a Facemask

Most facemasks, unfortunately, do nothing to prevent any spread of the COVID-19 Virus. Unfortunately, the use of cloth masks is even worse; they just are purely symbolic. Any medical professional will tell you, it is just a cosmetic device.

However, in some cases, a mask such as the R-95 (a special mask to prevent small items from entering your lungs) actually will hurt people. Some wear them too long. While others do not effectively clean them. Wearing them for long periods of time have resulted in individuals contracting pleurisy. They are expensive, and most people are not wearing them.

Most people are wearing cloth masks. Which do not provide much if any protection. In addition, those wearing a mask, do not properly wear it. Some temporarily remove it to wipe their faces, and then their eyes. This discounts their effectiveness.

At a press conference, Senator Chuck Schumer bragged to the press about complying with CDC guidelines promising to wear his mask. Afterward, he wore the mask in public. Subsequently, he wore the mask under his nose. Unfortunately, for Schumer, he demonstrated to everyone the incorrect way to wear it. Ultimately, rendering the mask useless for any kind of protection.

While everyone’s favorite actress, Alyssa Milano demonstrated to the world her personally knitted facemask. However, with holes were so big, it is useless to prevent anything – but it looked so pretty.

Let’s face it; cloth masks are not protecting anyone. Most do not wear the correct mask or wear it properly. I have seen people either Vape or smoke through their masks. So what is the sense of it? Yet, mostly democrat leaders continue to order us to wear them in public. It is a symbol.

FACEMASKS: A New Symbol of the COVID-19 Virus

A facemask is a way to focus the country on the continuation of a nonexistent threat. While it has been winding down, the media must present a reminder. As we move out of our seclusion and quarantine, we must be reminded daily that COVID-19 is still alive. The press is joining forces with the Democrats to present the new symbol. Democrats found through focus groups that facemasks can be used as an effective weapon.

The facemask is a constant symbolic reminder to the people of the existence of the Virus. If utilized properly and emphasized, it can be a great symbol. It can be used as an example of President Trump’s futility of leadership and helplessness in the COVID-19 crisis. A purposefully used symbol, if used properly, can emphasize the public’s dissatisfaction. The mask is symbolic. Used only to damage President Trump and his credibility.

At the same time, more Governors are requiring the use of facemasks in their states. Why have Democrat governors such as California’s Gavin Newsom been mandating facemasks? Why all of a sudden has it become so important? Democrats want this COVID-19 scare to continue as long as possible. Hopefully, they can perpetuate it up to election day. Just like a Springsteen concert, the required end result may be purely symbolic. 

Facemasks are a symbolic icon of false security. With no greater reminder of oppression than to see people wearing a facemask to hide their faces. Springsteen feels our President should succumb to this symbolism of defeat. Others applaud him for not doing so.

Our societal; norms since the beginning of time, are based upon facial expressions. Songs such as a wink and a smile emphasize it. However, if you cannot see the smile, the wink means nothing.

Trading Security (Face Mask)
for Liberty (The Flag)

Consciously, people will choose the false security of a facemask over Liberty. Countless Americans throughout history have died defending Liberty and the American Flag. However, many are trading that liberty for a false sense of security. You cannot touch or see Liberty, but you can touch and see a facemask.

Before our eyes, we slowly watch a symbolic exchange as Facemasks become the symbol of a nonexistent security. Unfortunately, some will willfully trade their Liberty for that Security. Unlike Liberty, however, absolute security is a mirage the left has peddled to sell you. It is their version of a fictional utopia.

I suggest to Mr. Springsteen: play your music. Understand that you are no longer relevant in today’s world. We can put your voice with other Celebrities that suffer from TDS.

It is proven that a mask is ineffective, and an illegitimate tool designed to destroy our dignity. However, the left is using you. You are becoming a symbol of the left to oppress all of us. While I support your right to free speech. I hope you leave running this Country to someone who has done a better job than any of his predecessors. We understand your are a victim of TDS. Please find some help.

Keep in mind; security can never fully be achieved without Liberty – it becomes a false tradeoff. Hopefully, we will not look back at what we have lost with consternation. Once Liberty disappears, historically, it never returns without an epic fight.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction”
– Ronald Reagan

Frank D'Onofrio
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