YuKong Zhao at CPAC: Socialism Destroyed the Fabric of Society in China

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On Saturday at CPAC, I had the distinct honor and pleasure to sit down and interview YuKong Zhao. He is a legal Immigrant born in Communist China. He immigrated to the US in the 1994. He currently lives in Orlando, Florida (FL-07) and he has thrown his hat into the ring as a candidate for the US House of Representatives. 

Zhao Lived Through Socialism and Communism

Zhao’s story is a story of triumph. He lived in China during the reign of Mao Zedong and his story is one that is truly inspiring. Most people who have an affinity for socialism need to hear what he has to say. If we do not, then our great nation could be headed for great ruin as others who have embraced socialism have too. It is one thing to hear the pablum created by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). It is quite another to experience the true results of socialism and communism. It is our responsibility to hear what actually happens in China and the dictatorship that exists there rather than the world according to Mike Bloomberg or Sanders.

Zhao’s father was thrown into prison during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. During that time over two million people died. It was truly a time of brutality. Shortly after Mao’s ascendancy, YuKong Zhao’s father was thrown into a gulag prison and was never set free. He tells the story about the Chinese government taking his father to prison. As a child he would only see his father once or twice a year before his eventual death. Zhao’s family shortly thereafter was forced to relocate out of the central city of Beijing to a rural village community without running water or services. Due to the poor living conditions and lack of medical treatment, his grandmother died shortly thereafter of a heart attack.

His Success Led Him to the US

YuKong Zhao’s journey, however, did not end. He graduated from China’s University of Science and Technology. He worked in Houston to diversify China’s industry and in 1986 introduced America’s industrial strategy to his motherland. In 1996, he officially became an American citizen to follow as he has called “The American Dream.” Coming to America has “allowed me to achieve success and prosperity, and to achieve the American Dream.” He has been credited with authoring several books including “The Chinese Secrets for Success.”

Since becoming a citizen, YuKong awoke from the nightmare of Communist China and has been living the American Dream in the US. In 1993 he married and has two children. Their son is a senior at the University of Florida studying psychology and their daughter is a junior attending New York University.”

According to Zhao, socialism destroyed the fabric of society in China: “There was no personal ownership, and the economy collapsed because the people had no control.” He recalls waiting in a queue as an 11 year old boy at 4am so that he could get meat for his family. This is a life he does not want to see in the United States. 

Zhao Loves His New American Homeland and President Trump

The statements by YuKong Zhao shows the pride he has in his new home in the United States, and his determination to ensure others who come after him can have hopes of achieving their dreams as he has. He wants the same for everyone, not just his family and friends. He is president of the Asian American Coalition for Education and stood up against Harvard University’s racially biased admittance program. Zhao has now chosen to run for the House of Representatives in the Orlando area (FL-07) to best represent his entire community.

“I feel I can win! I have over 20 years of experience in strategic management at Seaman’s as the Director of Global Planning. That is what our country needs. I solve problems – just like Donald Trump. I am a leader and we need someone who has policy making experience. I am the only candidate that has done that.”

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“The incumbent is Democrat Stephanie Murphy.  She pledged to work with the president and put the people’s interest first. Voting “yes” for the impeachment of Donald Trump was a betrayal of her promise to the voters. She has done nothing to help our district. “

YuKong Zhao’s background is impressive, and he is proud of it. He decided to come to our country to live the American dream. This is one we are told by Democrats that is not possible today. If one can attain success, they claim, it can’t be accomplished without government intervention. Zhao is a shining example of moving past seemingly immovable obstacles to create a future in 1966, wasn’t even a possibility. 

Watch the video below at timestamp 11:05 for YuKong Zhao’s interview:

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