Breaking News: Governor Hogan Changes Voting Rules in Maryland

Elections to Allow in Person Voting

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has changed the rules with two weeks to go, caving in to pressure from Democrat leadership in Congress and the Kweisi Mfume team. Governor Hogan has changed from Mail-In only to Both Mail-in and election booth voting. Last week in Wisconsin, Democrats called this situation literally killing people – What has changed?

District 07 was a mail-in only election until yesterday, when Governor Larry Hogan reversed course and changed the rules. This was based upon an upset in Congress on Capitol Hill. Klacick is the Republican candidate running against Democrat Kweisi Mfume. Mfume won the Democrat primary, defeating Elijah Cummings’ widow for a run at his seat.

Was there Pressure from Democrats?

The pressure from the Mfume team to change the rules has been strong since the decision was made for mail-in only ballots. NRN reported about this last week, in two breaking news articles .

2 Weeks ago, the Maryland Board of Elections declared the election to be Mail-in only, based upon the Governor’s executive order, and the safety of pollsters. Governor Hogan seems to have caved to the Mfume team’s desire to have live voting, despite concern for people’s health.

Maryland is now allowing 3 Polling sites – even though Maryland is declared an “Emerging Hotspot” for COVID-19. However, the change has a small problem. Ballots were already mailed, there is no way to ensure duplicate voting will not occur. Klacik is asking voters to call and demand a FAIR election – She asks Marylanders to call Governor Hogan’s Office at 410-974-3901.

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Fraud is more than a Possibility

The Klacik team is concerned that this ruling can allow voters to vote twice in the election. Without Voter-ID, there is no way to verify voter legitimacy.  Voter fraud is a legitimate concern, as the shelter in place order has restricted movement throughout Baltimore. Many of Mfume’s voters may be brought in from outside to vote as surrogates, or to vote twice, since the voter demographics seemed to favor Klacik.

Since voter ID is not mandatory in Maryland, the Mail-In ballots seemed fair.  Only citizens and registered voters would receive the ballots by mail. Visit Kalcik’s website for more details.

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