Lawyers Offer Free Representation: The Anti-Masking Social Club

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Is this a click bait title?  Perhaps, if you are in the hypebeast circles.  If you are, then you are aware of the brand known as The Anti-Social Social Club, a cute play on words for people who don’t like to socialize and are in this social circle.  With items priced that competes with Nike or Adidas, it’s street wear to a tee.  This is not about the Anti-Social Social Club brand.  This is about a new club of people who are brandishing their faces in defiance to stringent orders about mask wearing.

Immovable Patriot meet Slimey Slope

There is an idea known as “The Slippery Slope” argument.  Its premise is that “a relatively small first step leads to a chain of related events culminating in some significant (usually negative) effect”.  Any number of recent cultural moments can be used to signify the validity of this argument.  Some would say that the trans bathroom ordeal opened up the massively tedious discussion about trans rights and in turn, slipped right on into pedophilia which is now the current fight to oppose since children will be directly affected.  You know that CNN and these other far Left organizations and publications are doing their best to normalize such, much to the chagrin of the rest of society to the point that those of us on the other side of the aisle are mocking and warning them about this slope that is increasingly getting greasier.

When it comes to individual liberties though, we are seeing more and more people look at the mask issue as the slippery slope that will cause our rights to be slurped up into the mouth hole of tyranny and many are stating that people will comply unknowingly.  Enter the Anti-Mask Social Club.  It all started with Linda Catalina Cuadro, a Miami resident who saw all of the government and corporate imposition on her daily life and took matters into her own hands.  Then Miami’s mayor decided to get a little dictatorial and enforce the masks to be worn in public.  In the back of Cuadro’s mind, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Governments should not infringe what they “feel” is good for the health of their people, individuals ought to determine their own health measures and no one has the right to enforce that upon anyone else.  So Linda reached out and found Anthony Sabatini and shared her grievances with him.  He saw the validity of her arguments and in turn has been working pro bono to represent people who have had cities turn on their citizens with fines for not wearing masks.  

Fighting Back

It appears that this fight which is not really being noted on mainstream media is garnering some pretty interesting attention.  New Right Network covered a few instances where governors and mayors decided to act like little tyrants pushing their socialism lite agendas to see how they can test the limits of their powers and so far, between executive orders and state of emergency clauses, they seem to be doing a rather good job of infringing upon the rights of people because, health and safety.  Hence all of the regulations and fines doing even when citizens obey the “recommendations”.  People are generally forgiving of certain encroachments like taxes being a necessary evil, but on other encroachments, like being fined for not wearing a mask is the last straw.  Lawyers like Sabatini are jumping in to assist people who have been fined or jailed for violating “mask wearing orders” pro bono.  Just like Linda’s actions to do good for people during these crazy times by making available information that helps people know and assert their rights, lawyers are jumping in to lend their hand to ensure that citizens are armed with legal points for help as these tyrants continue to encroach test the limits of their power, while testing the patience of their own people and it will not be one people will forget come November 2020.

PSA: Don’t be a Karen

As more lawyers are beginning to lend their assistance to help regular average people assert their rights to live free from the state, people are beginning to wake up to the madness that is the Left.  Yet, when faced with uncertainty, people tend to swap safety over freedom.  The sad thing is, it has developed a snitch culture where for those who simply want to live free and breathe, people whether the Karens of the world or the little authoritarian governors of the world seem to want to impose on others.  They force others to cover their source of oxygen in the name of safety.  They force others to lose their jobs and retirement so they feel safe.  They force others to stay at home so they’re assured this false sense of safety.  If anyone is selfish, it is them, not those who want to live, work, breathe, love, play, and be.  Thankfully, we have lawyers who know the law and are arming those to fight off the Karens and the authoritarians in office.

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