Linda Vs. Karens

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Some of the most interesting figures seem to be the most vehement freedom fighters we probably never heard of.  Yet many of these individuals are online and doing some pretty amazing things in the name of freedom and American liberty.  One such individual is Linda Cuadros, a Columbian legal immigrant who lives in Miami.  You can find her on Instagram (IG) as @wakeupwithlinda.  Her position on vaccines are pretty compelling but what she is best known for is fighting for her right to live freely, in the most Conservative of sense, plus is is pretty transparent about her findings and ensures (for as long as her IG stories allow) that we, the general public who do find her compelling, can glean from.

Cities and Corporations Mandating Masks

Clearly in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, people literally have their under garments in a bunch about it.  More and more people are essentially in some weird panic mode and corporations along with city officials are attempting to encroach their power upon the masses.  Corporations like CostCo have officially stated that in order to enter their stores, masks MUST be worn.  From this statement, Costco CEO Craig Jelinek seems to be exhibiting signs of a “Karen.”  You know those types, the snitches who will call the cops on you for playing with your kids, in your yard, by your house, minding your own business, living your life.  The very ones who would approach anyone without a mask and complain passive-aggressively attempting to grab at some sense of superiority over others then smirk and smile on their way to call the police.  They seem to be everywhere now and it’s horrifically comedic.  Now corporations are beginning to adopt the Karen mentality of, ”You can’t enter our stores without a mask on because you’re bringing harm to you and others without that mask.”  With this, cities and municipalities are also adopting this snide tyrannical form of infringing on people.  Michigan is a prime example of infringing on people as Governor Gretchen Whitmer began fining people for cutting hair, blocking off gardening sections at local Lowes, but buying weed and booze is alright.  


In the midst of this, it seems like Miami-Dade County mayor is also becoming a “Karen” himself as Carlos Gimenez issued Executive Order 20-20 mandating masks must be worn in public.  Like clockwork, Miami Mayor Francis X. Suarez also followed suit and got in line to be another “Karen.”  In all of this, obviously, got in the way of how Linda was living and doing life so she decided enough was enough.  After some time, she emerged on her social media with a robust amount of Instagram content.  She printed the American Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as a full 8.5”x11” stack of the Constitution.  Why?

What the ADA Outlines

The breakdown for the American Disabilities Act (ADA) is quite simple with regard to these masks.  With the ADA it requires reasonable accommodation to anyone who cannot wear a mask due to a medical condition.  The SCOTUS recognizes that it is a constitutional right to privacy and thus you as a customer cannot be forced to disclose any medical condition.  On top of that, as a customer, your right to privacy of medical history is further protected by the 5th Amendment.  On top of even many HIPAA rules give you the customer more rights to privacy thereby allowing you the freedom to be maskless while going about your day.  This information affords anyone the ability to circumnavigate any edict made by a politician or a corporate mandate as the Constitution reinforces Linda’s right to privacy.  

So she went to an establishment that almost denied her service but when she flashed them the ADA and highlighted that a mask aggravates her medical condition, the establishment attempted to ask her what she suffers from.  Based on the ADA, she doesn’t need to disclose anything to a store manager which is also her 5th Amendment right.  The store ultimately let her in much to their chagrin because better to let one person in without a mask than suffer a $75,000 federal fine.  

Citizen’s Right

With the enforcement of masks being required for the outdoors, it is essentially now a fight for the right of citizens to live freely without the encroaching of government infringing upon the rights of people.  Enforcing masks as many folks like Cuadros finds these orders unconstitutional and thus because it’s affecting her way of life, it is most definitely affecting the way of life for others, so she has felt the need to fight.  Being a small business owner herself, she understood that the stigma that has been perpetuated regarding the Corona Virus is all a farce based on the numbers and the stats and on top of her position regarding vaccines with the evidence she provides repeatedly on her Instagram, she decided it was best for her as a patriot, a MAGA Latina, an SBO, and an American in spirit, fight tyranny.  Thus her lawsuit to sue Miami for legislating this executive order and mandating unconstitutional ideas like enforcing the wearing of masks.  She even built a website and a State Rep ally in Anthony Sabatini to help her in this fight.  Thus far, she has brought this lawsuit to Sabatini but no word yet on what will be moving forward but stay tuned on her Instagram as she will give us the play by play on what will transpire and we couldn’t be more thrilled for her when she wins this.

This should also spur us to also use what we can to fight the tyranny in our lives that we find in our local governments.  If you feel so inclined, just call up the ADA information hotline at 800-514-0301 and assert your rights as well.  These masks have been useless against viruses and as of now, are direct results of sheeple mentality that simply goes along with the masses.  Time to break free and breathe deep patriots because Karen’s have been running our lives for two months too long and we need to live, work, eat, play, love, and be.  If Cuadros comes out victorious, it’s high time we ought to also fight for our rights as well and ensure victory in our own lives over the millions of little lies that hound us day in and day out.  

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