Leftist Media Inflamed Racial Tension

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The recent case about the death of Ahmaud Arbery has made headlines as Leftist media inflamed racial tension. The first article on the incident by the BBC was titled “Ahmaud Arbery: Father and son charged with murder of US black jogger.” Several days later The Guardian published an article titled ”’They lynched him’: Ahmaud Arbery’s father on the killing of his son.” The Washington Post had an article titled “Ahmaud Aubrey was killed, allegedly by vigilantes. Racism allowed them to claim self-defense.” 

Absent from many of these articles was the fact that Ahmaud Arbery had a history of crime, and the video of the incident shows him charging at a man with a gun. Video footage emerged of him trespassing on various properties and it was reported the cameras were installed because of previous break ins. While it is still unclear whether the white men who shot him were motivated by racial hatred, the Leftist media was quick to frame them as a group of rednecks who were out looking for black men to murder. 

Media Knows the Power of Certain Words

Words like ‘lynch’ bring to mind the horrors of America’s past. It is undeniable that nightmarish racism against black people was commonplace decades ago. Those were times when segregation laws and slavery were enforced by whites with no moral backlash whatsoever from the public. The cruelty of whites towards black people was unspeakably horrific and it should never be forgotten. However, in an attempt to atone for these acts, Leftists are prone to jump on any story that could be perceived as a hate crime against minorities. The tendency to do so has only caused a bigger divide between white Americans and others. 

Over the years, many forms of supposed racism have been termed by Leftist academics, politicians, journalists and artists. Microaggressions and dog whistling are just some of the ways in which Leftists claim whites are racist and attempt to convey their prejudices through covert methods, leading to McCarthian witch-hunts that attempt to uncover racism in every possible form. The idea of Progressivism is heavily rooted in advancing social justice and finding previously ignored ways in which people are oppressed. Therefore, in many ways its ideology relies on proving their thesis is correct, that KKK type racism is not only alive and well but it is everywhere one looks. 

Facts Seem Less Important than Inflammatory Headlines

Facts like how black on white crime is double that of white on black are never brought up when the left is trying to make their case. Incidents such as the Rotherham child sexual abuse scandal are actively covered up so the British-Pakistani perpetrators will not disprove their theory that no immigrants are criminals, while 1400 mostly white underage girls were raped and tortured over 33 years. A Washington Post article from 2016 was titled “Leaked document says 2000 men allegedly assaulted 1200 German women on New Years Eve.” The key word was ‘leaked.’

These crimes are actively suppressed, yet when the ethnicities are reversed, they are the focus of the media for months. They sometimes spawn large scale, highly publicized movements such as Black Lives Matter. Any movements related to white identity is automatically dismissed as neo-Nazi or white supremacist, and simple slogans such as ‘It’s Ok To Be White’ are deemed essentially evil. It shows a double standard that implies while unjustified violence against minorities is tragic and worthy of headlines, the same cannot be said for injustice against whites. 

Purposeful or Not, Leftist Media is Increasing Racial Division

Perhaps the left is well-intentioned in their coverage of the sufferings of those who are not white. Perhaps they are not merely hoping to capitalize on the increasingly profitable PC culture, or hoping to come to power campaigning on almost entirely race-related issues. Yet when crime is covered up by the masses, it provides criminals with a bigger incentive to commit crimes. Anti-white media stokes hatred and anger in the hearts of minorities, and cover ups do the same for whites when previously suppressed information is exposed. The combination of these factors means the Leftist media is driving an increase in racial division. 

It is unknown which direction the Ahmaud Arbery case will take. If it in fact becomes apparent that the white men who killed him were doing so out of hate, they deserve the stiffest punishment allowable according to the law. If it is proven they acted lawfully, then they deserve to walk free. This should go without saying. However, whatever the outcome of the eventual trial, it is clear cases such as these hint at the complexity of identity politics. It also highlights how the Leftist media inflamed racial tension and how narrative-driven they are willing to be. 

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