Politicizing Coronavirus

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The Mechanism For Further Globalism

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Despite WHO director-general’s plea, the WHO, EU, and other global alliances are conspiring to do just that by politicizing Coronavirus for globalism.

“From this pandemic, you can remake the world as it should be,” former Vice President and leading 2020 Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden said, looking into the camera in a recent video from PBS NewsHour. “You can set the terms for an economy, healthcare system, education system, immigration system, and a justice system that uplifts more people of every race, gender, and generation.” By that he meant everyone except Conservatives, whites, Christians, or the working class. And by “you,” he meant “we.”

Leftists Put Any Crisis To Use

Any ‘crisis’ that unites nations is, and has been, used as an excuse by globalists to further their agenda. They did it with climate change and poverty in the third world. The Left is now politicizing Coronavirus as they never miss a chance to expose a crisis. While Nation States living peacefully and happily amongst each other is undoubtedly a good thing, globalism has lead to the merging of Nation States to the point of cultural and societal disintegration. There is no globalism without globalisation, and there is no globalisation without large scale immigration, outsourcing of jobs, and draining of the economy for international purposes.

Joe Biden is Obama 2.0. In 2016, part of the reason Donald Trump was elected president was because former President Barack Obama never delivered on his promise to offer “change” and “hope” to the working class. He was a textbook corporate Democrat as he pandered to Wall Street and allowed those responsible for the 2008 financial crash to walk free, making no significant changes to the way in which bankers could operate. Under the guise of a “free market,” bankers were back at work in no time, conning the poor into further debt.

Democrats Policies Rarely Help Americans

The American people, particularly those of the South, were smart enough to realize Hillary Clinton would not be any different. They judged her record of private, paid Wall Street speeches and corporatist tenancies. They could see she was in the same group as Obama or Biden. Like them, she was willing to use government money to pursue her interests, among them war and foreign aid in return for access to resources and land. So the people voted for someone who cared about hard working Americans, who were paying taxes to support Obama’s destructive policies that benefited people living halfway across the world.

These policies, of course, are nothing unusual for Democrats. These are the people the rich and young vote for as they become mesmerised by Utopian Socialist ideals that have no relevance to the real world. Celebrities with nothing to lose insist the country is well under control and it is time to fix countries on other continents. Many young and financially secure who are living in a safe suburbs surrounded by plentiful job opportunities echo the same message. If this were true, it would be possible to alleviate all of the world’s issues and it would be a beautiful thing. In a perfect world, there would be no war, no poverty, and no illness anywhere on planet Earth. Until that happens, this cannot be achieved. There are many who still suffer in America and for a long time had been ignored.

Biden’s words bring to mind the Liberal international order, which manifests itself in the form of WHO, the IMF, the World Bank, EU, UN, and NATO. While a lot of these institutions claim their ideas are based in morality and human rights, they are tyrannical enforcers of policies that coerce their member States to act in accordance with their demands. Taxpayers can certainly vote for the candidate whom they identify with the most, but once that candidate is in office and attends a world conference, the grounds on which democracy stands begins to wobble. Being a member of these alliances means that a country must accept certain guidelines, such as a quota for taking in refugees or delivering a certain amount of foreign aid. These institutions say these policies are for the common good. The loser in the deal are those in the gracious new politician’s home country desperate enough to beg the government for help.

Be Wary When Politicians Resort to Fearmongering

The more urgent the crisis, the more profitable it is. When Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) claims “the world is going to end in 12 years,” it is not an arduous task to take more money from the people who believe her fearmongering. Similarly, when leaders convince their citizens that mass immigration will make things easier for everyone, with immigrants working the jobs nobody supposedly wants to do, it is easy for politicians to implement strategies to pay people less for their labor. If the people of the country are convinced extreme diversity will make the world a better place, which they are told essentially day and night by the media, they will gladly welcome in anybody who awaits at the border. History, however, shows this is not the case. That kind of diversity results in voluntary segregation, political and/or religious conflict, and a diminishing national identity.

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People like Joe Biden gladly welcome worldwide catastrophes that stir up fear. They take advantage of the weak and scared to create a global state run by a corrupt oligarchy. Meanwhile, they put on a moral front to act as if it is in everybody’s best interest. Meanwhile, honest politicians working to serve their nation are criticized for their supposed selfishness.

In today’s political climate, those who tell the truth are considered brash and insensitive, while those who act virtuous are drowned in praise, despite their inability to achieve any long term benefits for the people who voted for them in the first place. Joe Biden’s speech is just another example of how globalists will use a disaster to achieve their personal goals.

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