Public Health’s Eminence Emerges in Light of Coronavirus

Exploring the Latest Health Concerns and Policy Changes

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Who hasn’t heard the saying “Health is wealth?” Dealing with a toxic boss, a myriad of other stressful working conditions and family responsibilities can yield serious health-related consequences. Even a much sought after job promotion can have the same negative effect. In her book Ascending Davos: A Career Journey from the Emergency Room to the Boardroom, Dr. Meghan Fitzgerald details the costs of personal health when ascending to the top echelons of an organization. What is more noteworthy is Dr. Fitzgerald donates her book proceeds to charity.

Current economic concerns have a surprising bright side. In spite of the market’s dismal performance in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, a certain sector of the market is making surprising gains. The health tech industry, among others, is proving to be a needed commodity in the face of rising health concerns. Another surprising change has occurred! Often overlooked college majors have taken on new importance as the skills of those in the Public Health and Healthcare Administration professions are needed on the frontlines.

Delays in elective surgery may be life threatening! Bringing elective surgery back after Coronavirus is one of the priorities of medical professionals. Dr. Meghan Fitzgerald shares her unique perspective as a healthcare expert, educator and corporate executive. A focus on Public Health has been found waning in the United States when the means to promote wellness has been long available.

The three trillion-dollar Coronavirus pandemic bailout will fail to accomplish its purpose. Unless, of course, it is channeled to emphasize a healthy population getting back to their jobs and spurring economic growth. Listen below as Mario Nacinovich gets an insider’s view on pandemic information, contact tracing, restarting elective procedures and new policy implementation you will want to know!

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