Accountability Must Come: Globalism, WHO, and the Wuhan Flu

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Death and Devastation From the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Accountability must come to China and WHO for their cover ups that lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands. President Donald Trump is one of the few willing to do so.

The world economy is headed for a depression. Millions have lost their jobs and businesses have collapsed. 300,000 people have died and that number is only going up.

Despite all this, many leaders around the world are afraid to call out the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) actions when Coronavirus first started to spread in the Chinese city of Wuhan. On the 3rd of January 2020, BBC reported “Wuhan police said eight people had been punished for ‘publishing or forwarding false information on the internet without verification.'” The whereabouts of those eight people are still unknown to this day. Not only this, but 11 days later the World Health Organization (WHO) tweeted “Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China.”

The Coronavirus Cover Up by China and WHO

A study has shown if China had acted appropriately, up to 95% of deaths may have been prevented. Yet it was the CCP’s typical effort to cover up any information that could negatively affect its image that lead to the deaths of so many people. Additionally, the director-general of WHO, Tedros Adhanom, is known for having a conflict of interest with regards to China. Not only because China is the second largest contributors to the WHO, but also because Adhanom’s home country of Ethiopia had been receiving millions from China over the years in infrastructural aid.

For even more rationale for the reason accountability must come is several weeks after going back on their previous statement and declaring the disease a pandemic, Adhanom told world leaders “don’t politicize the virus” at a WHO media briefing. In other words, he was asking world leaders essentially not to blame the CCP for the spread of the virus and to help one another, transcending beliefs and politics, to come together as one global nation. Despite the fact that globalism aided and China caused the rapid spread of the virus in the first place, Adhanom made use of Leftist sound bites and a strict, parental tone. His perceived goal was to portray any attempts to hold them accountable as immoral and selfish. “There is no need to use COVID to score political points,” he said, and “we need to behave.”

President Trump Acts Against WHO

It was not long after this that President Donald Trump suspended funding of the WHO. The US was the number one financer of the organization, contributing double of what China was contributing at second place. He stated WHO was “China-centric” and called for investigations into China’s response to the virus, as well as how exactly the virus came to be. In doing so, he was the first of world leaders to take action against the two entities that allowed the spread of the virus to happen on such a large scale. Soon, Australia followed suit and was quickly called “the gum under China’s shoe” by the CCP’s state-sponsored newspaper and threatened with a boycotting of Australian goods.

When faced with the possibility of such a reckless state becoming the next world superpower, there is little time for subtlety. The irresponsible and hostile state of China is being protected by the silence of liberal globalist forces, and most of the Western world is unwilling to hold anybody accountable. In the meantime, Trump’s opponents call him racist for using phrases like the “Chinese flu” and looking to the WHO for help. While the Left play semantics and identity politics, Trump is taking a hard line over corruption.

The World Should Follow Trump’s Lead in Accountability for WHO and China

The CCP has caused catastrophic damage worldwide and has done very little to amend their mistake. Accountability must come yet much of the West blindly repeats its mantra of tolerance and acceptance. Despite China’s unwillingness to be understanding and patient in return, Trump is one of the few who is taking legitimate action during these catastrophic turn of events. If the world emerges from this pandemic and nothing has changed, people around the world will be merely waiting for the next disaster caused by globalist unaccountability. Direct, unhesitant measures are a necessity in times of chaos. The world cannot be preoccupied with playing appeasement with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s regime.

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