Australia Demands Coronavirus Inquiry

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Aussies See Worldwide Support For An Independent Investigation

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The United States is not the only nation to have found itself dependent on trade with China for essential products. Strained relations may lead to potential future shortages of basic necessities such as antibiotics, blood pressure medications, and pain relievers should China make good on its promise to withhold essentials. Australia has also found itself in a precarious position with its trading partner China. This after Australia demands a Coronavirus inquiry seeking for information and the origins of the Coronavirus.

A recent Austrian study which found the Coronavirus “was likely created in a lab” could have been a piece of evidence that led Australia to make their demand. Coincidentally, China’s first biosafety level 4 lab, the Wuhan Institute of Virology is located in Wuhan, which is the epicenter and believed originating point of this Coronavirus. Indeed, one of the primary findings was that this Coronavirus, identified as SARS-CoV-2, has greater “affinity” for humans than other species, including the originally suspected bat. The researchers wrote, “direct evidence for existence of SARS-CoV-2 in bats has not been found” making the chances of the SARS-CoV-2, Coronavirus originating in a bat served as a stew in the Wuhan wet market virtually impossible.

China Threatens Australia Commodities Trade

China has threatened to cut off its purchase of Australian exports of iron ore after having already targeted Australia’s beef and barley exports to that nation. The $63 billion iron ore trade between the two countries has gone downhill since the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, called for an independent inquiry into the Coronavirus origins. Morrison’s position has put his nation in a precarious position as China is Australia’s largest trading partner.

This is not Australia’s first standoff with the Communist giant. According to CNBC, China is said to have hacked Australia’s Parliament and the nation’s three largest political parties in an attempt to influence and interfere with the general elections last year. Although China was not forcefully confronted about the hack in order to preserve trade relations, the blatant refusal by China to come clean about its actions and involvement in the Coronavirus pandemic has caused Australia to now take action. 

Secretary Pompeo Calls for Global Endorsement

On April 19, Australia’s Foreign Minister called for the inquiry, creating repercussions from China resulting in threats to trade. But Australia is not alone in its stance! US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called for all nations to join with Australia in its calls for an independent investigation. According to the New Zealand Herald, approximately 62 nations, including New Zealand, have joined with Australia in backing a probe of the Coronavirus.

It reports that The Australian newspaper has already obtained a draft of the resolution that will be presented to the World Health Assembly on Tuesday. Other major nations who have joined with Australia are India, the UK, Brazil, and Russia as well as every European Union member state of the World Health Organization (WHO) among others. Included in the inquiry is the intent to expose the WHO and its lethargic response to the pandemic as well as its continued support for Beijing. Beijing has continued to conceal data in the face of emerging evidence that the virus originated in the Wuhan lab and not a wet market.

In a twist, Chinese President Xi Jinping speaking at the opening events to the virtual WHO World Health Assembly meeting said China “supports the idea of a comprehensive review” of Coronavirus. The two qualifications Xi gave for the review, however is for it to begin only “after [Coronavirus] is brought under control” and that the investigation be conducted by WHO in an “objective and impartial manner.” The irony of this is there have been reports suggesting WHO may not be able to be impartial because of the amount of influence China has over the organization.

Australia Will Not Be Bullied!

After Australia demands a Coronavirus inquiry, they now refuse to be bullied by the Chinese Communist government. One effect from the Coronavirus pandemic is countries with trade dependencies have created new allies. Australia’s alliance with the United States has certainly been strengthened. Perhaps Brazil upon whom China intends to rely for a new iron ore and other commodities trading partner will side with Australia to create a needed force to diminish China’s stranglehold on international commerce. Perhaps the concealed data and malicious actions by the Chinese Communist regime will finally be exposed to the world beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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