BREAKING: Trump Suspends Immigration Because of Coronavirus

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Trump Stops Immigration in Light of Coronavirus

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President Donald Trump on April 22, 2020 announced at 6:45pm EDT he signed an executive order that temporarily suspends immigration in light of Coronavirus. The scope of the suspension will be announced later. President Trump first announced the plans in a Tweet he sent out Monday evening about signing an executive order to halt all immigration in light of the Wuhan Virus pandemic. We have known for some time, Chinese propaganda aside, the virus is spread via human to human transmission means. This was how it spread in Wuhan and continued in various parts of the globe to the point we are at today.

Prior to this, the president ordered a halt to all Chinese immigration in January, then suspended European travelers. President Trump’s actions seem like a noteworthy extension to stopping the spread of the virus, especially when he rolled out his three-part phase to reopen American again.

President Donald Trump said Tuesday he will halt immigration to the United States.” He explained the initial order will last for 60 days, but could be extended if needed. “I will be issuing a temporary suspension of immigration into the United States,” Trump said during a White House briefing Tuesday. “By pausing, we’ll help put unemployed Americans first in line for jobs. It would be wrong to be replacing them with new immigrant labor flown in from abroad.” This freeze will block green card recipients from moving to the country while allowing temporary workers to arrive. Responding to a reporter’s question about laborers, Trump was adamant the order would not apply to farm workers stating, “the farmers will not be affected by this at all.”

Leave it to the blue checkmark Twitter brigade to rail against the president by calling him those same basic SJW remarks, “racist” or “xenophobe.” Then they accuse him of not acting any sooner on curbing COVID. Either way, this will, in fact, stop incoming traffic at the border and is a bold move by the president to further quell the spread. If the president had not acted, it would have reignited more pandemic hysteria from the media.

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