No Rooms To Rent: Donald Trump Closes the United States

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Immigration On Hold to Prevent Corona Spread

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For weeks the liberal community has been shrieking that Donald Trump has not been tough enough on the CORONA crisis. At every turn however, they are seeking to thwart evidence-based responses to the crisis. The President tried to halt travel to hot zones, liberals sued in court to stop the action. President Trump restricted movement from New York, mayors fought against it.

At each step, the administration took tried and proven steps to deal with the spread of the virus. Yet the liberal stalwarts of the country blocked the efforts. Now thousands of people are dead and the blood is staining the hands of Washington. A preponderance of the actions taken nationally have come from the task force, which unfortunately has been working off of very poor statistics.

Numerous times Dr. Berks has raised the alarm that the information available was not sufficient to make decisions. The Obama holdover, Dr. Fauci, insisted on methods that have failed throughout the course of several epidemics (Swine Flu, West Nile, Ebola). Now the President is doing what he does best, implementing common-sense solutions on how to deal with the problem. One of the biggest problems that we have seen over the last few years is disease entering the country through illegal immigration.

Why Not Close the Borders Temporarily?

Not all immigrants are people who are looking for a better life. We have a significant medical tourism industry in the United States. Each person who enters the United States, whether illegally or legally, is a potential disease vector. With that supposition, and millions of people infected, possibly with unknown mutant strains, it behooves the nation to want to keep any new strains (of any disease) out.

There is only one way to do this, to ban travel. President Donald Trump took major decisive action in the protection of the country. He signed an Executive Order banning all immigration to the United States due to the crisis. Normally, immigration is a vital part of our nation’s history and cultural diversity. Currently, it is very dangerous, as anyone can be an asymptomatic carrier and bring a new strain into the country.

This freeze will block green card recipients from moving to the country, while allowing temporary workers to arrive. Responding to a reporter’s question about laborers, Trump was adamant the order would not apply to farm workers. He stated, “the farmers will not be affected by this at all.” Presumably there is some testing planned.

Re-Opening America

By locking down the borders, the President has paved the way to re-opening the nation, by shutting off the incoming disease vectors. Social distancing works, if it is done properly. The botched state-by-state roll out has been abysmal in several states (Pennsylvania, Michigan New York, and New Jersey). Totalitarian favoritism has allowed high contact “essential jobs” to remain open, while low contact jobs are being closed down. Note: if your employer did not give you masks early on, your state saw you as expendable, not essential. Remember that when you vote.

Those low contact jobs may be gone forever. Should all agree that grocers are a vital industry, while restaurants are not? One asymptomatic food worker can spread the disease to hundreds, if not thousands of customers. The choice facing many governors was “people learn to cook” or “thousands of people can die” and the governors chose death.

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We know that the disease can survive on surfaces for hours. How many of you waited hours before eating (or touching) that take out? How many workers with few contacts per day, making them low risk, are now jobless because some bureaucrat wants his steakhouse open? Too many, but it serves a narrative, that being in chaos is good, and it might harm Trump.

Like Pulling Teeth to Get Realistic Steps Taken

Shutting down immigration is an action that has been suggested by professionals for several weeks now. The decision to do so has been fought at every turn by liberals who want “no borders.” This policy has failed, and people have died. It is time we hold the Washington Elite accountable for these grave missteps.

We need to trust professionals like Dr. Birx, and others, who are looking at the real numbers. They are ignoring the hyped-up media numbers. Stay calm, wash your hands and we will be able to open our borders up when this crisis passes. Stop the panic porn, clam down and this disease will pass- just as thousands have before. Bravo, President Trump for doing what needed to be done!

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