Switzerland Lights Up the Matterhorn

US Flag Graces Iconic Swiss Mountain

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Switzerland has a long past of illuminating the Matterhorn for causes the country deeply believes in. The nation lights it up in support of many different things, and yesterday was no exception. This time the Matterhorn was draped in an illumination of the American flag, showing solidarity with the United States in the battle against COVID 19. 

Brazil also lit up their Christ the Redeemer statue in a message of eternal hope, showing support for America. The message is clearly for us to have faith and remember where our help comes from. This is not the only time Brazil has lit up the statue during this crisis. The country lit it up again with the flags of every nation stricken with the virus.

The United States last month put on a display with fighter jets spraying the colors of Italy to encourage that nation during a time of crisis. 


Getting in on the Action

The Azadi (Freedom) Tower in Tehran, Iran Picture: AFP

More and more countries are finding ways to show their support of others. Even Iran is getting in on the solidarity, lighting up the Azadi Tower in Tehran with the flags of those battling the virus. Messages of hope are also posted in lights. Egypt has also lit up a major monument in their nation with similar messages of hope and strength to others. 

These images serve as a reminder that we all are fighting an invisible enemy, and every one of us desperately needs all the prayers and support we can get during this difficult time. Even if we can only do so by displaying lights. If you know of other displays of encouragement and support, we’d like to see them. Post in the comments! Light it up, world!

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