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He Thinks You’re Stupid

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Be on the lookout for a runaway story from the media. One person already let fly the secret cover story they’re developing in order to appease the mob.

Seth Abramson wants us to believe several things. One is that President Trump has secret Chinese lenders. Not only that, but that he looked the other way in November when intel came out of the COVID 19 outbreak. Yes, you read that right. In November, allegedly, President Trump supposedly received intel he ignored to appease his secret Chinese lenders. Not only that, but he ignored this intel in order to facilitate the transfer of “dirt” on Joe Biden. 

BOLO: Burying the Lede, But Worse

Two things need to be unpacked here. First is that Seth Abramson just confirmed COVID 19 has been afoot since November. In other words, this is confirmation of a Chinese coverup in which Abramson wants you to believe the President of the United States was a part. But the most important point is that people knew COVID 19 was here, and was imminently dangerous to the people of the United States, and they said nothing. 

This is a classic tactic known as gaslighting. The media takes certain truths which they can easily manage and they wrap them up in a whole bunch of lies. It is very similar to burying the lede, in which the “journalist” starts out with an overwhelming amount of secondary material and then introduces the important parts among all that static. You are less likely to catch that part because you’re just plain tired of reading.

The end result is that the reader comes away thinking they are informed, and yet they are not. Some people believe the lede to be a lie when they finally do encounter it, and are fooled into thinking the “journalist” included it to prove it is a lie. This is what Abramson did with the second of the two things we must unpack. And that is there is dirt on Joe Biden. See, now he has gotten his fool minions thinking that when they actually see the dirt on Biden, it won’t be the truth, or in the very least will be distorted (Kind of like his dementia). 

This is also coupled with the tactic of accusing people of that which you yourself are doing. Now we are to believe instead of Joe Biden (think Hillary Clinton), it is Donald Trump who is involved in bribery scams with China. Lots of people have used that strategy, especially in recent times. Instead of Russia, Russia, Russia, it is now China, China, China. One wonders, though, why China is on the chopping block now with the media. To appease the mob.

Here We Go Down the Memory Hole

It is because people now understand the media is “in bed” with China, so they have to now present themselves as the outsiders they were supposed to be all along in order to appease the mob, and that’s how they do it. They link two entities together which they have labeled Public Enemy #1, and voila! China is now evil, and it isn’t racist for them to say so. 

Memory holes are amazing things, aren’t they? This memory hole conveniently helps the media forget that it is racist to accuse China of anything. Remember when Kung Flu caused a firestorm of reactionary rhetoric centered around one reporter of Asian descent? Down the hole that goes! Public perception is everything to these people. As long as you see them as the Fourth Estate, aloof and separated from it all (as journalism was meant to be), they can get you to look the other way when the truth comes out, thus they appease the mob. 

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And what is the truth? Simply put, people who remember getting sick as early as November, December, and January of a virus their doctors could not diagnose and being down with it for weeks now have more reason to believe it was COVID 19. Because Seth Abramson let slip it had been around since November. Secondly, that there actually is a lot of very bad dirt on Joe Biden as relates to China (and Ukraine, but we forgot about that, didn’t we?). Quite possibly, it was bribery and abuse of office (just like Ukraine, but still…).

BOLO: Rome is the Mob

But there is a third thing here. Seth Abramson is preparing the buffoons who read him for yet another hoax. So be on the lookout for a distraction piece which will have you mired in stupid murk while real news passes you right by. This is what Abramson and others want, because (as my spidey senses are telling me) a bunch of big stuff is about to go down, and they need to discredit Trump in an effort to appease the mob. Remember “Gladiator”? 

I think he knows what Rome is. Rome is the mob. Conjure magic for them and they’ll be distracted. Take away their freedom and still they’ll roar. The beating heart of Rome is not the marble of the Senate, it’s the sand of the Colosseum. He’ll bring them death…and they will love him for it.

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