Tattletale Culture is the New Norm in Canada

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In Canada, all of the provinces have set up hotlines to ask questions about COVID-19. However, it can be used to send anonymous tips to report people believed to be violating Canada’s Emergency Declaration Order. Provincial, municipal, and First Nations governments have also put similar orders into effect. Three Acts were either amended or enacted in the wake of COVID-19:

Within these acts, there are many layers and many items which can be reported to provincial hotlines. Practicing social distancing, no large gatherings, no running under-the-table non-essential businesses, etc. These are obvious to most, but hotlines are also reserved for:

  • General inquiries
  • Fraudulent activity in regards to employee benefits or the Canada Emergency Relief Benefit (CERB)
  • Illegally crossing the border
  • Engaging in unlawful resale (price gauging)

Also trivial things, such as:

  • Crossing provincial borders
  • Running side hustle businesses
  • A get together having just one more person than the recommended five maximum

These bills would also make amendments to the Food and Drugs Act, the Canadian Labor Code, National Housing Act, and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Act. Rules are clear and set in Canada, whether they make sense or not. Then it becomes on individuals to follow these rules. If they choose not to, then they should face the consequences. However, this should be a natural thing, caught the same way as a graffiti artist is found, not from snitching.

Media Outlets Have Turned Us All Soft

Both Canadian and American news outlets have made it clear, they want to sell fear. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC) propaganda chiefs are, essentially, state-run media. They have tried their best to accomplish two things during COVID-19 coverage. First, scare all Canadian’s into a frenzy with padded numbers for deaths. Second, try incessantly to make Justin Trudeau look like a God. If Justin Trudeau were a God, people would become Satanic very quickly.

What this extreme rhetoric does, it makes people scared of the unknown. Therefore, they see no other alternative than to hit up an anonymous tip line. If it isn’t a hotline, it is social media as their preferred snitching post. They feel it will save their life, and this is shameful on our medias part to encourage it.

Not to mention, penalties could be faced for anyone breaking this emergency order. Are they criminals? No, at most they are unwise. However, people are suffering from cabin fever, and in many cases, are having their rights violated. Using this emergency to get people used to tyranny.

Tip Lines are 911’s Worst Enemy

“Snitch lines” can escalate fear, anxiety, and panic, said Michael Bryant, an Executive Director for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. “It brings out the worst of us.” I agree with his sentiments exactly, and how he feels it trivializes 911. A lot of abuses may occur.

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“It differs from someone calling 911 to report a crime because 911 calls come with more accountability and an ability to track down the caller as a potential witness”

Michael Bryant (CCLU) speaking to Canadian Press

An interesting angle: how many false reports are there? Who is monitoring these calls? What actual investigating will take place? These are questions media isn’t giving direct answers to, perhaps, because they don’t even know. Tip lines, like these, normalize reporting, and sometimes reports are ridiculous.

Now, no one is saying police officers are going to respond to silly things. However, they will still get a call reporting fatuous things. It will tie up lines. Real crimes will be put on hold, and it’ll condone an informer culture.

Alternatives to Ratting People Out

COVID-19 has a three-hour lifespan, so simply keep practicing social distancing would suffice. Another alternative could be talking to people who are breaking the rules. Put on a facemask, and communicate. Ignoring business which isn’t one’s own, and being assertive are far better options.

It will also eliminate so much fear and anxiety to keep a distance and not report. While on the subject, stay clear of CBC, CTV, and Global News when possible. It will be beneficial in the end to social distance from this induced panic. Main Stream Media (MSM) only amplifies the problems.

COVID-19 has stripped so many of the people’s freedoms and rights. Whether it be freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, or simply going to work, it is a grey area. How much should a government intervene in people’s lives? Although, we run into real trouble when it isn’t just a government controlling people, but stool pigeons too.

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