Chad Prather: People Find a Way to Politicize Everything

Coronavirus Has Divided the Nation

“The virus has a 99 percent recovery rate, but that 1 percent matters to so many. I have to remind people that 100 percent of people die some time of something.”

Chad Prather

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New York City Attorney and NRN personality Manny Alicandro recently sat down with Chad Prather of The Blaze, host of The Chad Prather Show. They discussed Coronavirus and how it is being used as a tool for politicizing. Prather compared it to Pearl Harbor, where all Americans left and right came together as a country, which is something we do not see today.

Prather’s explained how Coronavirus has divided this great nation mostly because of the media’s incessant fear-mongering, the padded numbers of coronavirus purported by the media, and how this virus has taken a simple handshake and turned it taboo. The virus’ legitimacy and impact, the dismissal of religious and personal freedoms, and the effect on the United States economy were put into perspective by the duo.

The Conservative New Yorker and the Red-State Texan can be viewed in the video below:
Manny Alicandro’s Take S1 Ep6| NRN+
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