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The Fly in the Ointment

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In the middle of everything going on globally is the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO), which has been a central character in this Wuhan storm. Touted as the world’s leading authority on health, the mission statement they pride themselves on is “Health is an international human right.” Yet, during all of this, it seems as though all is not what Americans have been lead to believe.

It seems that WHO is just another spoke in the wheel of every national and international bureaucratic agency attempting to wring the human spirit dry. The crazy part is many of our politicians and media figures are adopting what the WHO is saying. However, what they are saying is far less beneficial for Americans.

Breaking Down the Values

WHO, as the directing and coordinating authority on international health within the United Nations system, adheres to the UN values of integrity, professionalism and respect for diversity. The values of the WHO workforce furthermore reflect the principles of human rights, universality and equity established in WHO’s Constitution as well as the ethical standards of the Organization.

These values are inspired by the WHO vision of a world in which all peoples attain the highest possible level of health, and our mission to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable, with measurable impact for people at country level. We are individually and collectively committed to put these values into practice.

This is what you read on WHO’s website. These are the values they claim to adhere to and, in turn, enact resources to bring those values to fruition. While this might give the reader that tingly feeling of being happy and safe (because they claim to want what’s best for every person on the planet from America to Africa to Asia and Europe), any time a person, or in this case an entire bureaucracy, espouses unity and diversity, it is anything but. In fact, one should question and ascribe the opposite, or at least meet it with a hefty amount of critical skepticism.

What They Say vs What They Don’t Do

Something else that’s crazy here is one can grab hints of certain elements in their statements. “Principles of human rights, universality, and equity…” are all social justice warrior talking points. Human rights; Do they mean the freedom of religion? Can anyone anywhere practice their faith of choice? Will WHO defend the rights of those groups or individuals to practice what they believe?

Surely the Uyghurs of China are being rescued from Chinese concentration camps by UN agents. And surely WHO is lecturing China about gross human rights violations. But when you do a Google search of Uyghur and WHO, there are no results that connect them to each other. What about the Rohingya tribe that have been exiled in Malaysia? WHO didn’t go to Malasia to defend their right to practice what they believe. 

So clearly we can call them out on ignoring gross human rights violations. Equity and universality are not things they hold to either, per the previous examples. These individuals are ignored, and it took outside support other than WHO to lend assistance with bringing these things to light. WHO did not call to the carpet governments which are committing these heinous violations; they let things slide. So it is quite clear that their ideal of valuing human life and dignity is indeed a facade. Yet Americans are pouring literally billions into this organization.

The human right of freedom of expression or press? They did not come out to support the citizens of Hong Kong’s right to protest and print news about the Chinese government. Clearly, the idea of human rights is lost on them, otherwise, we would see UN and WHO agents marching in the streets protecting protestors of oppressive government regimes. They would shut down concentration camps while ensuring the health and well being of these people whether it’s a Rohingya or a Hong Kong patriot.

Trump’s Pull Out

One of the many instances of WHO negligence has been continual footage of Dr. Bruce Aylward literally ignoring questions, ending Skype calls, and not acknowledging Taiwan as he kowtows to China. These behaviors have been chilling at best. You can watch that here. It was also WHO which ignored Taiwan’s warning of COVID-19’s ability for human to human transmission. 

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As anyone who is honest about objectivity knows, this is all the fault of China. Trump has continually warned that China is not our friend no matter how “diplomatic” they appear to be. And this move to allow the spread of the virus is about as blatant an act of war as we get, as some are saying. President Trump pulling funds to WHO was a very satisfying move to make for many who are seeing the organization as but a branch of the Chinese government.

Such a move by the American President has garnered mass criticism, and some have even reported that the higher-ups of WHO have threatened the American people with their remarks. China has even come out to criticize the President for cutting WHO funding. It is difficult to take the Chinese government seriously when they critique the President’s move to halt funding, using words like “responsibility” and “global efforts,” when China has yet to do anything globally and expects the US to pick up slack.

Americans Backing Globalism Needs To Stop

It is apparent that since it is the American tax dollar funding a bunch of these global initiatives, it is only fair that we Americans need not pay into a system that works against us. If any objective observation is made, we can take numerous examples of global initiatives that do not work in our favor. The Paris Climate Accord, NATO, The United Nations, the aforementioned World Health Organization and so on, are all programs and bureaucracies that the taxpayers do not need to buy into.

Take for example the Paris Climate Accord. The US would be paying $3 billion a year to curb a possible man-made climate change of 1.2 degrees Celsius over a 10 year period. Yet India and China have yet to make any contributions to their emissions standards, and they are some of the biggest pollution generators globally; the US has lowered its carbon footprint considerably since the Paris Accord.

We all know what we have been paying into with WHO amidst this pandemic; frankly, most agree that it is a worthless organization and we don’t need to be spending money on it. This thought is clearer now that we see WHO back up a government which lied about the disease that came from their own labs and wet markets, lied about closing those viral incubation zones known as wet markets, reopened them, hid information, and silenced dissenters and whistleblowers.

Then the Chinese government had the audacity to turn around and tell America to do better, and WHO backs them. All that to say, Americans need not apply! We don’t need to be involved in everything the world is doing. We only do it because we simply care about people. But at the end of the day, on a fair scale, we are pulling the majority of the weight of countries.

Canada would be gone if we pulled our defenses. Germany, the UK, Spain, France, and other NATO nations would be struggling because much of their defense funds come from American tax dollars. It’s no wonder China is freaking out and WHO is trying to be stern about Trump pulling out of funding the organization during this time. Yet the statement stands from many Americans, “China, why don’t you foot the bill now!” Spoiler alert, they can’t.

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