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Guilt Tripping the Cash Strapped

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There is an alarming trend on twitter post stimulus bill, in which conservatives are shaming citizens of this country for accepting the stimulus check and talking freely about what they are going to do with their “Trumpbucks.” These guilt trips are being leveled by some heavy hitting accounts, as well. One went so far as to completely misrepresent the stimulus, stating the amount of $1,200 but neglecting to mention that it is per person, that each family receives an additional $500 for each child under the age of 16, and that other relief such as the suspension of mortgage payments are listed in the bill. 

He also claims a time of two to three months without providing evidence, and neglected to mention unemployment additions in the CARES act which provides money to live on. People are being accused of being “giddy” about this stimulus, their “giddiness” labeled insufferable. What is insufferable is a false dilemma in which it is either our country or our money in the face of millions of people who would be completely destroyed if they did not have it.

Potato, Potato, People.

This is a completely unnecessary and very highly destructive false dilemma which I would like to address here. But first, I want to address the penchant for relabeling things to soften or change thought processes. Over the decades, the meaning of the word entitlement has been changed to denote welfare. The definition of entitlement is “ the fact of having a right to something. The amount to which a person has a right.”

People can have a sense of entitlement, and can be sincere in that belief, but they can be sincerely wrong. Conversely, those who think it is an insult to call Social Security payments “entitlements,” or those who behave as if it is welfare are also wrong. Social Security was to be a retirement fund for Americans who willingly paid into it. But now it is mandated that we pay in.

The birth of the Social Security system happened because the citizenry was fooled into believing the government had their best interest in mind, so they willingly allowed the government to remove and hold in safe keeping a certain percentage of their money. However, what happens if someone dies without ever withdrawing that money? The government keeps it. It does not give the lump sum to their family, and in fact, a wife must be retirement age herself in order to withdraw her husband’s money, and vice versa. 

Deceptive Reprogramming

This site, along with others, has conditioned the public to thinking Social Security and it’s attendant medical programs are on par with Welfare and should be granted by “right” to “citizens and certain non-citizens by federal law.” This idea is wrong, as entitlements are funds which should only be available to the people who paid into the programs they are withdrawing from. Those who paid into Social Security are indeed entitled to the funds they paid in.

Nowadays, there are tons of “programs” within the Social Security system which the government takes your money for, to grant to states who do the governments bidding. In Illinois, for instance, family courts remove absent parents from their children’s lives to the point where they can no longer have 50% of the time and care of that child, and then tell the parent they must pay child support to the other parent because they don’t care for that child enough.

Which in turn earns Illinois millions of dollars from the federal government in the form of  Title IV funding. This all comes out of the Social Security fund millions of Americans have paid billions of dollars into, trusting the government to “keep” their money until they are old enough to “withdraw” it. Another example is Child Protective Services. Every time they remove a child from their home, they get Title IV funding.

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The glaring problem is that CPS and states are removing any child they can from their homes in order to get these funds, whether mitigation would work better or not. Some cases are clearly not warranted at all, such as a child being injured by accident. However, there seems no recourse as we are told family courts do not have to take the constitution into consideration, nor are they subject to it. Which is why they can remove a child from their parent and inject them with any “vaccine” they wish to.

Waste Not, Want Not

This is a clear example of government waste. And Americans are letting them do it, to the tune of destroying thousands of families. The Social Security fund is being pirated left and right, and no one is aware of it. Not to mention the fact that we seem to have forgotten who these funds really belong to.

More and more, taxpayer funds have been relabeled “government funds.” It is this that leads people to shame others who are accepting this stimulus check and claim it will cost the taxpayer. If it were done right, it should cut off those crooked government officials who are syphoning our money out of our treasury. It should never “cost the taxpayers” any money to receive their own money back.

But that isn’t the most destructive part of this shame game. I am going to use my particular situation for an example. My husband is semi-retired, so he gets a Social Security check based on the amount of money he paid in. He also gets the unemployment benefits granted recently because he worked an “essential” job, but his age and health issues place him at high risk for COVID 19. The fact that we did not blow through our tax return has us sitting pretty, as our home and vehicles are paid for, and we have plenty to ride this out.

Conservative Dilemmas: Citizens in Distress

But there are millions of people in dire straits, such as anyone labeled “not essential.” They do have mortgages and car payments. Their kids are all of a sudden out of school, and they were unprepared for that. There are people who need to pay others and people who live paycheck to paycheck. These people are not in my position.

And to shame them for being satisfied that at least the government had the good grace to give them back their money so they can make it through this is reprehensible, especially when this stimulus is not being properly represented to do it. There are those who would have others believe that if they accept this money, they’re trading their rights in. That we have given up our republic to secure a temporary fix.

But what if I told you it was perfectly fine for you to accept a refund of your money and still demand your government restore your rights, your economy, and your country to you? The payout of “government funds” is the very least these politicians should do in return for demanding we help them contain a pandemic they caused. You read that right, a pandemic they caused.

Our government has been in bed with China for decades, and that can be proven. They’ve shipped billions of dollars in manufacturing jobs and others to China, and expected us to live as consumers only, and not producers. Now China owns the note on a massive debt we “owe” them. This is the same country which has released a third pandemic on the world in 10 years.

Flimflam Artists

And government officials helped them cover it up, labeling the president a racist and a xenophobe for trying to protect his people from this pandemic. Nancy Pelosi and Bill deBlasio, among others, blasted the president and encouraged their constituents to congregate in the thousands as a “powerful act of defiance to the Coronavirus scare.” This along with the WHO and Dr. Fouci himself saying there is nothing to be afraid of for Americans, and that there has been no proof of human to human transmission coming from China. This was after President Trump first ordered screening of people coming from China, and after he banned travel to and from infected countries.

And all that money the government is being free with? It is your money. The funds Democrats are demanding we give illegal aliens, claiming they are taxpayers (American Taxpayers, Ilhan Omar had the ill grace to call them)? That is YOUR money. Nothing is government funded; it is all taxpayer funded.

If the taxpayer cannot work to fund our nation, our government had better start giving us back the money we need to survive this. To have big name people with big accounts on Twitter presenting people who are strapped because of this pandemic with false dilemmas and guilt trips is nothing short of disgusting. This needs to stop.

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