Liberals FURIOUS about Georgia’s New Heartbeat Bill

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Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Signs Heartbeat Bill

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After weeks of speculation, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed a bill that would ban abortion after a human heartbeat can be medically detected. Bill HB 481, legally called the “Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act,” essentially prohibits abortions after about six weeks of gestation. The bill does allow some exceptions including incest, rape, or the mother’s life being in danger.

The temperature of the country may be changing.

Previously, Georgia allowed abortion up to 20 weeks of gestation. Pro-life activists are celebrating today amid the massive change. Governor Kemp says that he is aware that there will be legal challenges to the bill. However, Kemp added “But our job is to do what is right, not what is easy… We will not back down. We will always continue to fight for life.” Although this day is a win for unborn babies, some people do not view it that way. Regardless of legal challenges, the Republican Governor promises to continue to fight for the rights of the unborn.

New Bill Faces Major Backlash From the Left

Georgia Heartbeat Bill

While many are celebrating today, the left is furious. Their fight to legalize abortion up until, and sometimes after, birth is facing challenges with the heartbeat bills. Georgia joins other states like Mississippi and Ohio in the fight to change the legality of abortion and recognize an unborn child as its own person. On the heels of the movie “Unplanned”, the abortion conversation has taken some unexpected turns. Once pro-choice, people are rethinking their positions. The temperature of the country may be changing.

However, many people are upset about these bills. Specifically, in Georgia, Alyssa Milano has voiced her opposition to the bill loudly. Prior to the heartbeat bill being signed into law by Kemp, Milano marched into the Governor’s office with a letter signed by 50 actors and actresses who intend to boycott Georgia over the bill. Milano is among other celebrities as well as the ACLU, medical lobbies, and civil rights organizations that are not in support of this bill.

In addition to celebrities and organizations, the Left has protested on social media. They are calling the bill “unconstitutional”, “sexist”, and a “direct hit on the rule of law.” Because this bill bans abortion somewhere around the sixth week of gestation, most women will not know they are pregnant yet. Resulting in far fewer abortions as it will not be legal by the time they realize they are pregnant, except in the cases the bill has outlined as exceptions.

Legal Challenges and the Supreme Court

Governor Kemp knows the legal challenges this bill will face. Similar bills in other states faced the same legal challenges. Those bills were blocked by Judges. However, with the national conversation on abortion rights rising, all these bills could bring the decision back in front of a now Conservative majority Supreme Court.

The Left does not want to see this issue make it to the Supreme Court. Liberal organizations are scrambling to sue and block these bills as soon as they are signed. What the left is not prepared for is the fight that Republicans may be willing to put up. With President Donald J. Trump setting an example in the Oval Office, Republicans are starting to push back against Liberal ideologies. The past has seen many Republicans back down to challenges presented from the Left. President Trump has done what others were not willing or able to do – push back.

The result of this bill and where it may lead is yet to be seen. However, one this is for certain, the fight is not over.

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