#SexStrike: Alyssa Milano Calls for Abortion Defiance

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Who’s the Boss in the Bedroom?

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A sex strike? Yes. In a remarkable turn of events, former television actress turned activist, Alyssa Milano is now promoting abstinence in defiance of abortion. Of course, this is not her intent. Unfortunately, the elevator doesn’t make it to the top floor in her thinking department, so critical thinking skills are non-existent. By her way of thinking, “old white men” have the power over her body because “they” are making laws.

She considers protecting the life of an unborn child as erasing reproductive rights. Milano believes women do not have “legal control” over their bodies, therefore cannot “risk pregnancy.” Remarkably, Milano vows to not have sex until women “get bodily autonomy back.” This is not a joke or parody. Her tweet is below. Basically, she is asking people to join her in a boycott of sex until laws change.


Abortion Defender Calls to Curtail Sex

Don’t be a Milano. She just revealed she views sex as a transaction. It’s as if, to her, women are sex workers who must close up shop to get their way, health care or better pay. Rather than encouraging women to be independent thinkers, and stand on their own, Milano wants people to cloister together. It seems as if she’s playing the part of a union boss calling her members to strike. Perhaps, her intent is to help those in the actual Sex Trade. Or maybe she actually wants a day off for Mother’s Day weekend and other negotiations failed.

Her supporters scream at people with nasty names like misogynists, and oh my – Trumpers – for being against her moronic misstep. On the other hand, those for the unborn gladly welcome her to the Abstinence movement. We The People say join us on the Right side. It is acceptable here to find rapture in whatever mutually enjoyable sexual experience between adult humans you choose. Sharing American Values, Character, and Pursuit of Happiness are key. Identity Politics are not.

Unplanned Consequence to #SexStrike


There is so much to see in the comments under the hashtag on Twitter. Basically, the Left is being called out for their ignorance, while the Right welcomes more to their side. #Walkaway from the Radical Socialist Democrat Fascists who now believe they are stewards of when people may have the pleasure of sex! It’s not a joint decision to them, it is one-sided. Strong, independent, glorious people know that is not the case.

Having Fun at their Expense


With so many great tweets to choose from, the visual of Beta Feminists hanging out in Aisle 12, the cat food aisle wins. There are too many pictures stuck in people’s minds of things they’ve never wanted to see hanging out of people’s choice of clothing. Add to that, the joke of lonely people consoling themselves with cats. This tweet is a winner.

Raise Them Right

#SexStrike would have been avoided, just saying

Seriously, one must be blind to not see the irony of what is being revealed about the Left’s views on sex, couples, and intimacy. Rational people understand each person has control over their own thoughts, bodies, and actions. The understanding comes with adulthood. Perhaps instead of participation trophies, children should be taught how to grow up, be independent, and responsible for themselves.

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