Aborting Life – Let’s End It

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The picture of an aborted baby is heart-breaking. It needs to be shown for people to see the little people being killed. Facing reality, is it possible to end the aborting of life issue, once and for all? Can there be a compromise to end it?

Will Extremism Force a Deal?

The issue of abortion has been looming for years. All sides are dug into their positions. There is not a need to re-hash details here. It is necessary to dissect the radical left’s recent exposure for welcoming the farthest extreme – killing a baby after birth!

Full-term abortions are hideous enough. Likewise, atrocious calls for the ‘right’ to murder a newly born baby, and keeping it comfortable until the ‘mother’ and doctor – not father – decide what to do with it, are real. Picture the Roman Coliseum with the crowd giving a thumb up or down.

Proposed Compromise

  1. Stop Planned Parenthood (PP) from receiving a subsidy from the Federal Government. Big donor supporters are wealthy enough to maintain the corporation as witnessed by their making substantial donations to election campaigns.
  2. PP chartered for contraceptives and the morning after pill only. No screenings, no peri- or post- natal check ups. Taxpayer money will not fund PP abortions or election campaigns through creative accounting.
  3. The need to enforce hospitals or clinics availability for preventative wellness Women’s Health care will be evident. This IS a Women’s Health Care issue.
  4. Medically needed abortions conducted in a hospital. The debate over the rarity is unimportant for this compromise to work. The health of a young girl or women going for an abortion in an ill-prepared facility or a non-diploma abortionist IS a Women’s Health Care issue.
  5. The parents, mother and father, should be having the discussion with the doctor. Regulating men to the role of sperm-donors in prevalent in the Women’s Health Care biased system, and it needs to stop. Only after the male has formally given up his rights to the child by abandoning the female, the discussion is between her and the doctor. Equally important, this is not inferring any person may force another to carry a child.

Accountability and Consequences

The compromise proposed is to focus on personal responsibility where people face consequences for their actions. Furthermore, choosing a ‘need’ for an abortion, will not force those profoundly against its immorality to fund it.

Perhaps, these proposed changes will make a difference. Pro-Choice claims an abortion merely removes a clump of cells. Although Pro-Abortionists seem unaffected by an infant dying in a torturous manner, many others hear those silent cries in their hearts.

Without respecting the fundamental basis of a human child’s right to life, how does a grown human have rights?

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