RIGHT NOW Interview: ‘Angel Sister’ Maureen Laquerre

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Maureen Laquerre Discusses the Loss of Her Brother Richard Grossi to an Illegal Alien

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Maureen Laquerre’s brother Richard Grossi was killed October 21, 2009 at age 55. He was critically injured in a car crash just two blocks from his home. Richard was hit by an unlicensed illegal alien after she ran a blinking red light and stop sign.

It was just sinful. After Richard died, there was nothing in the paper. Nobody talked about it.

MMaureen Laquerre

Portugal native, Maria Leite, overstayed her vacation visa, thereby becoming an illegal alien. In September 2009, she had been living for four years, illegally, in Milford, MA. In a car registered to her husband, she drove without a license. She ran a red blinking light and stop sign. Leite T-boned the driver’s side of Richard Grossi’s car, who was two blocks from his home. Grossi was critically injured. He required the jaws of life to be extracted from his car. He died 6 weeks later from the injuries caused to him by Leite.

Conversely, after the accident, Leite was driven home by officers —not jail, nor the hospital. In July 2010, she at first plead guilty to vehicular homicide. After learning it would mean 6 months in jail, she withdrew her plea. She was allowed to choose deportation causing a reunion with her deported husband and daughter.

Exclusive Angel Sister Interview

Physically, Grossi will never be able to be reunited with his family. They are working with organizations to prevent other unnecessary deaths of American citizens. His sister Maureen Grossi Laquerre graciously offered to speak to NRN about the tragedy. One of many memorable thoughts from her: “In ten years, the only thing that’s changed, is the body count.”

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