Border Wall is Trump’s Promise to “Angel Families”

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“Angel Moms” is a term used for those who have lost a child. While the name focuses on the mother, entire families and communities mourn. There are Angel moms, dads, sisters, brothers, etc., with hearts broken by the death of a family member. In addition, within that melancholy group is a subsection of mourners whose loved one’s deaths may have been avoidable, as they were killed at the hands of an illegal alien. Inexplicably, the Left disagrees with the simple logic that if the illegal alien were not in the country, the victim might still be alive.

The NRN community prays for the victims and their families. The only way forward requires steps to prevent future unnecessary lives lost. For the sake of inclusion, NRN has attempted to honor the loved ones of victims of illegal alien violence as “Angel Families,” like President Trump did during his June 22, 2018, White House meeting with those families. After a round of exclusive NRN interviews, here are their stories. Click through each one for their video interview and article:

We also received an exclusive statement from Boni Driskill: “We are devastated by the preventable murder of our daughter Lacy Marie Ferguson, and it takes away a piece of our heart to see others lose their loved ones also, dear Mr. President Trump, please build the damn wall!”

Big Beautiful Wall on the Rio Grande

“Our agenda is not a partisan agenda,” said President Trump at tonight’s packed rally in El Paso, TX, 7 p.m. MT. He announced that a “big beautiful wall on the Rio Grande” is being built. Sixty-nine thousand people signed up to attend the rally, packed house inside with tens of thousands in outside overflow.

Angel Families want a strong and secure, southern border wall. Avery Corcoran just lost her brother Pierce Corcoran on December 29, 2018, in a car wreck caused by an illegal alien on Knoxville, TN’s Chapman Highway. Avery Corcoran told Ashley Adams of NRN, “[A southern border wall] just makes more sense. I’ve heard so many people call it outdated technology. If that’s the case, why do some of these huge politicians have these huge walls around their homes?”

Sacrifices on the Altar of Globalism

American citizens are typically unaware of the Angel Families’ losses because the Mainstream Media continues to ignore their stories. The media echo chamber apparently supports the United Nations’ Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. Note the title: regular migration?!? After reading this, it is easy to understand why the border is a sieve despite the best efforts of the border patrol and other law enforcement agencies.

Dear Mr. President Trump, please build the damn wall!

Boni Driskill, Angel Mom

Along with most of their open-borders counterparts in Europe, U.S. legislators generally buy in to and allow mass migration. Therefore, in order to fulfill the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, American lives are being sacrificed. Fortunately, President Trump has withdrawn the U.S. from the migration compact, and several other countries have followed suit.

Organizations such as United We Dream (UWD) obtain funding through open-borders, promoting global entities. According to Judicial Watch, links allegedly exist between the George Soros Open Society Foundation and programs, including a smartphone app, that help illegal aliens avoid deportation. Similarly, an article carried in the Houston Chronicle describes how the Notifica app alerts illegals aliens when the feds are nearby. Judicial Watch also claims that the National Immigration Law Center, which received U.S. taxpayer funding in the past, started UWD.

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The political arm of the UWD, United We Dream Action, supports the campaigns of pro-mass immigration candidates for elected office.

Basically, these organizations promote a world without borders while others are attempting to cover up or downplay illegal alien crimes by keeping them out of the headlines. Instead of helping people become legal citizens, activists and legislators encourage mass illegal alien migration.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the California congresswoman, even thanked illegals for coming into the country illegally and being brave enough to bring children along.

Trump is No Pelosi

President Trump in Phoenix, AZ, during 2016 campaign, introduced Angel Moms and Families

Donald Trump brought Angel Families’ stories to the front and center of the immigration reform issue debate. He did it on the campaign trail and again while in office after his election as president. In September 2016, candidate Trump addressed the nation about the need to reform immigration laws and secure the border. He personally spoke with bereaved parents and relatives in attendance.

He stood beside each one as they took the podium to share their story of loss. Maureen Maloney perhaps best expressed candidate Trump’s commitment to protect the American public, as relayed in a Boston Herald article:

“During the presidential primaries we reached out to…the entire presidential field…Donald Trump was the only one who met with us. We got silence from every other candidate on both sides of the aisle. Trump was the only one who cared.” Maloney’s son was “was dragged to death by a drunk-driving illegal Ecuadorian…who had no license and no business being in this country,” the Herald detailed.

Angel Families are an incredible support system, but ultimately, the families just want their daughters, sons, sisters, brothers back. In NRN’s series of Angel Family interviews, Maureen Laquerre told me “[Angel Families] is not a club I want to belong to.” Sabine Durden, interviewed by Kevin Fobbs and Susan Swift, echoed Maureen, “I don’t want to be known as Angel Mom, I just want to be Dom’s mom.”

Trump Gives Angel Families a Voice

After becoming president of the United States, Trump again put the spotlight on the Angel Families’ tragedies. He handed them both a symbolic and actual megaphone at the June 22, 2018 event alluded to above. Said the president, “And it’s because of families like yours, that my administration created… the Victims of Immigrant Crime Engagement….We call it ‘VOICE’ so that your voices can be heard.”

Once again, brave family members, one by one, told of their ordeals, first, at the hands of an illegal alien, then from government and the media. Each true tale was grippingly painful to hear.

The list of those sacrificed is incredibly long, yet the public is unaware most of their names.

Said Mary Ann Mendoza:

“[I]f the public would go to and see the magnitude of crimes being committed against your fellow Americans by illegal aliens allowed to stay in this country, you will be sickened, because the mainstream media does not let you know what’s really happening.”

In May 2014, a drunk illegal alien criminal killed Mary Ann’s son, Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, in a head-on collision.

Under President Trump, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents prioritize the aggressive apprehension and deportation of violent immigrant felons. This also includes drug smugglers and human traffickers, the latter who victimize other illegal immigrants.

And he is using the entire weight of his office — including a partial government shutdown and the possibility of a national emergency declaration — to obtain government funding to complete the border wall.

Listen to Angel Families

There’s a movement to get victims’ stories into the public domain. In an effort to get information to the public, the Ohio Jobs and Justice PAC created a memorial page to honor those Americans killed each year by illegal aliens.

Angel Families fervently articulate their thoughts as a way to prevent others having to go through the same pain. Melanie Kortlang told NRN, “My 22-year-old daughter Amy, such a sweetheart, was leaving Ramona (the outskirts of San Diego) to go pick up her boyfriend up at a pool tournament… [the illegal alien] monster was speeding, going into the town of Ramona, passing cars, going in and out of lanes. Many, many witnesses pulled over to get out of his way. In the end, he went head on into two vehicles in front of Amy’s car….he ended up plowing head on in to Amy.” The accident killed Amy Kortlang instantly, knocked out her two front teeth and severed her legs.

Having to State the Obvious

Leftists opposed to the sharing of Angel Families’ stories instead seek to downplay illegal alien crime. They claim, according to one writer, that Trump is “attempting to scapegoat undocumented immigrants for all the country’s ills.”

Unlike the Left which seeks to obfuscate, President Trump’s position is clear:

“Our first duty, and our highest loyalty, is to the citizens of the United States. We want safety in our country. We want border security….We want people to come in, but we want them to come in the proper way.”

The border wall is a campaign promise that Trump must fulfill to the Angel Families and to the American electorate at large.

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