RIGHT NOW Interview: “Angel Mom” Cindy Scalf

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Cindy’s Daughter Was Killed by an Illegal Alien

Meet Cindy Scalf. Unfortunately, Cindy is an Angel Mom. Her daughter, Shirra Nicole Branum was killed at age 37 on March 16, 2017, by an illegal alien named Alan J. Mogollon-Anaya.

The story is horrific. Yes, it was an automobile accident. On the other hand, it may have been preventable in two ways. First, Anaya was in the country illegally. If he was not here, logically it follows that the accident would not have happened. Second, there are police reports of Anaya’s car racing up and down the street before the collision. Those witness calls claim he was going in excess of 100 mph.

Scalf believes immigration is a good thing – as long as people come through legally.

In his vehicle, in addition to himself, were three children. Two were his own, and another was his girlfriend’s child. They rode in a 2002 F-150 truck. All of the children involved in the crash were injured. Each child was in the ICU before recovering. Thankfully, none of the children died.

Only Shirra Branum died as a result of the crash. She passed on at the hospital from her injuries. The autopsy description of her mangled body is heartbreaking. Cindy Scalf, her mother manages to tell us all the details in our interview. It is etched in her mind forever.

Shirra Branum

Shirra Branum is survived by a big loving family, her husband, and her three children. One of those children was in the car with her during the crash. Shirra held onto her nine-year-old son with an outstretched protective hand as the crash happened. He has a scar on his chest still to this day. March 16, 2019, marked the two-year anniversary of Shirra Branum’s death.

Family Seeks Justice

Her son’s body is mending but the family is grieving and in pain as they seek justice. Remarkably, as Shirra Branum’s mother Cindy Scalf tells us the events and what her family has survived, there is visible strength. Moreover, there is extreme loss. A day earlier, the Scalf family had just lost Cindy Scalf’s mother-in-law. They were all together when they learned of the crash. Naturally, everyone rushed to the hospital.

At the hospital, Scalf recalls noticing a police presence. She was not focused on the why of them being there. All she wanted to do, was get in to see her child. Yes, moms call their 37 year old kids “child”. Most loving parents, men and women alike, feel this way. The reality was that her daughter’s body was damaged too much to survive. Even after offering a piece of her own liver, Cindy Scalf finally realized there was no possibility of recovery. Her child was dead. She put all of her focus on her grandson, who was in surgery and then admitted to the ICU.

It was only much later the Scalfs learned that the passengers in Anaya’s truck were at the same hospital. The police were there to keep everyone apart and to prevent an incident at the hospital. Surprisingly, days later, Anaya was able to leave the hospital and flee.

Anaya Makes ICE Most Wanted List

He is now on the ICE Most Wanted List, the reason is directly stated: “Mogollon-Anaya, who was driving under the influence of alcohol, struck a vehicle head-on and caused the death of a young woman. He then fled from a local Tennessee hospital before law enforcement could charge him with vehicular manslaughter.”

Alan J. Mogollon-Anaya

Scalf believes immigration is a good thing – as long as people come through legally. She does not feel US Legislators in Congress are doing enough for citizens. It seems they find ways to help illegal aliens, instead.

Cindy Scalf supports and thanks President Trump for doing what is right for the American people, trying to make them safe, and building the wall.

She continues to wade among the red tape looking for justice. Scalf commends law enforcement and agencies who are willing to go the extra mile for Angel Families. She condemns her local Sheriff’s Department. It is our understanding that he told his people to not arrest Anaya.

It may be possible that it was originally because his Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) results were not back in time for him to be immediately charged. Whatever the reason, it allowed him subsequently to flee out the back door of the hospital, possibly.

Scalf’s Propose Shirra’s Law to Help Others

That is why the Scalf’s are working with Tennessee Representatives and Federal Officials to ensure that law enforcement does a breathalyzer, at the very least, at the scene of the crime. In addition, to ensure that BAC results come back quicker by using an “e-warrant system” which enables a finger-prick test, EMS draw, or hospital draw in time to arrest before they escape.