LIFE Wins a Thrilling Victory

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The South Rises Again for LIFE

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In a thrilling victory, LIFE wins in Georgia, even though killing babies seems to be a hot trend from the Left these days. Whether it be Governor Cuomo passing a bill in New York that makes it legal to abort a baby right up to birth, or Virginia Governor Northam entertaining literal infanticide, it’s rampant on the Left. Since Roe v. Wade passed in the 70s, the safety of the unborn has been shady. Millions of American citizens have been killed off. This loss of life is especially happening in the Black and Latino communities. But now, Georgia decided to stand against baby killing with a newly signed bill known as “The Living Infant Fairness Equality Act (LIFE). ”

Life is the Connection

It reminds me of the movie The Fifth Element. The character of a priest (played by Ian Holm) pleads with the President of the United Territories (played by Tom Lister Jr). He says time is not important – only life. So what does an obscure late 90s cult classic sci-fi movie have to do with the topic of abortion? Life. That is the connection. Thankfully, Georgia is rising to the challenge and standing up for the rights of the unborn.

From the moment Roe v. Wade passed until today when the murder of human babies is disguised as a “women’s health issue”, millions of babies have been wrongfully terminated. Babies are sacrificed mostly upon the altar of convenience, carelessness, and the abdication of personal responsibility. Traditionally, once pregnant, the parents marry to take care of the new child. It did not matter how hard it might get. But since Roe v. Wade passed, that tradition seems to have been shoved aside. It seems as though each aborted baby’s life was destroyed on the battlefield, all in the name of “women’s rights.”

Killing Babies does NOT go in the “Wins” Category

In recent months, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) signed into law that a woman who has “health needs” can abort a baby up to 40 weeks. Former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stated that an unborn baby, right up to birth, does not have Constitutional rights afforded to a person. The sad thing is, it seems so many voices have been rendered silent. Especially now, when the concept of intersectionality has a vice grip on social conversation. It seems there aren’t many raising the alarm to speak up for the most vulnerable in society – unborn babies. The killing continues and Planned Parenthood (PP) seems to be where babies are meeting their demise.

It appears that Kemp wisely made a just move toward protecting life.

Watching the movie Unplanned will give you all the visuals and information you need on abortion. It is a story about the life of Abby Johnson, former PP Clinic Director turned pro-Life activist. She shows you in detail what she personally experienced as a clinic director. In addition to that, she shows you the business PP has become: Upping the number of abortions because it pays. Not many in media want to report this, however. And, social media platforms are banning those who do speak out against abortion.

Blackface Governor Endorses Infanticide

Recently, Governor Ralph Northam (D-VA) went on record saying infanticide is in fact a plausible factor in this bill. You can watch him fumble about it here. He was actually on live radio speaking in regards to a pleasantly packaged bill endorsing infanticide penned by Kathy Tran. Amidst the endorsement of killing babies, Governor Brian Kemp (R-GA) chose another route – LIFE.

Kemp signed into law HB481. It’s affectionately known as “The Heartbeat Bill”. Its proper title is “The Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act”. Basically, if a doctor hears a heartbeat from a blossoming child in utero, aborting him or her will be illegal. Read the bill in its entirety here. This can be chalked up to the “Wins” category.

Brian Kemp Wins Without Celebrity Help

Brian Kemp does not care about the wailing of the establishment elites. TV- personality turned activist Alyssa Milano created a petition prior to the bill reaching Georgia legislators saying if Kemp signed this bill into law, Hollywood will boycott the state. Atlanta is a city known for creating and producing some of today’s biggest movies. Pinewood Studios in Atlanta is home to many of the iconic Marvel Comics Universe movies.

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Activist Milano got 100 signatures from washed up SAG members like Alec Baldwin and Amy Schumer. In my opinion, Kemp basically flipped them the proverbial middle finger. Signing the bill into law, Kemp is protecting six week old babies in the womb. In the category of wins, this is a big one for those fighting for life and for the rights of those yet to be born.  

Brian Kemp of Georgia, chooses LIFE and wins
John French/ Pixabay

Georgia Wins by Protecting Life

The ramifications of celebrity boycotts are as yet unknown. It is simply one of many opportunities for Georgians to explore or reject. There are plenty of other ideas. Currently, Milano is having a #SexStrike in defiance of the law being passed. Not able to stand alone in her beliefs, she needs others to join her stance. Meanwhile, the Right is enjoying her promoting of abstinence.

Georgians can and will make the state prosper. With the passage of this bill, Georgia will grow as more babies are born. The state motto says, “Wisdom, Justice, Moderation.” It appears that Kemp wisely made a just move toward protecting life. We The People hope this continues.

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