Insane Lies, Alternative Facts, and the Democrat 2020 Platform

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Desperate Democrats are Relying on Internet Trolling of “Alternative Facts” to Unseat President Trump

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Washington has fully succumbed to a Clown World filled with alternative facts. Jerry Nadler, Chairman of the House Judicial Committee, has filed contempt charges against Attorney General William Barr for what many see as “refusing to break the law.” As the economy stays strong despite the predictions of “expert economists” the Democrats circus car of angry dissidents running for president, along with sleepy Joe Biden and Cory “Gilligan” Booker, are facing a difficult uphill drive to unseat a popular sitting president (56% on the economy).  

Hate is much easier to cultivate in this world than love.

This desperation seems to indicate that Democrats are ignoring Michelle Obama’s oft-quoted “When they go low, we go high.” It seems more likely that Democrats for 2020 are reversing it as Republican take the high road on national issues, Democrat candidates seem to be vying to come up with the most financially shaky proposals.

However, the strongest leg of the Democrat attack against President Trump is continued unjustified attacks against his character (mostly before he ran for office). The most popular attacks are: Donald Trump is/was bad with money, Donald Trump is a Racist, and Donald Trump is a Russian agent. Let us take time to look at these myths about our commander in chief and put them to rest once and for all.

Collusion Delusion, Alternative Fact One

First off, we have the “Collusion Delusion” that many on the left were relying on to derail the Trump Train.  Immediately after the election was completed, the Hillary Worshipers on the left started the #Resist movement. The cornerstone was the idea that Donald Trump was a Russian Agent and was unfit to be President.  

Now that the Muller Report has been made public in its lightly redacted form, those who invested their political capital in the fall of Donald Trump now scramble to make asinine claims to keep the delusion alive.  With the unredacted Muller Report available at the DOJ for any member of Congress with the proper clearance to read, Jerry Nadler’s political stunt to hold William Barr in contempt would be comical if it was not such a serious issue.  In regards to the Russian Collusion Hoax, the Democrats hopes are as done as Steve Cohen’s Bucket of Chicken as they now investigate “obstruction” into a crime that never happened.

More Lies, Trump is Bad With Money

Next, we have all heard the legend that Trump is bad with money.  Democrats in Congress try illegal subpoena after illegal subpoena for the tax returns of a citizen of the United States who is under audit.  This request is just another example of the jihad that the socialist wing of the Democrat party has declared on the President of the United States.  However, “Never-Trumpers” on the right are not much better as they continue to spout the narrative that Donald Trump is bad with money because he declared bankruptcy four times.  

The problem that the Never-Trumpers face is that it was not Donald Trump that declared bankruptcy, but Donald Trump’s companies.  Never-Trumpers conflate the realities of small business with a poor understanding of subsidiary business. News Flash: Donald Trump did not run each and every company that he owned, any more than you or I run a company in which we own stock.  

These companies had CEO’s, Boards of Directors and shareholders; Trump was just the big fish. When it was the proper decision, the CEO or Board of Directors entered into bankruptcy to protect the company and its creditors. Corporate bankruptcy does not give you a clean slate, it just lets people get in line to get paid from what is left.  Donald Trump bought many businesses throughout his career, some of them were lemons but as the Wall Street Journal “expose” showed- he also made a number of good investments that helped him come back from massive financial losses in the 1990s.

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Trump Racist? That’s a Damn Lie

Finally, we have possibly the most damning claim against President Donald Trump, that he is a racist.  Unfortunately for President Trump, this accusation is damaging even though it is not true. Challenge people to find one thing Donald Trump has done as president that is racist, odds are you will hear the following “facts.” I have included the response to make each one easy.

Donald Trump Hates Mexicans

There is a common myth on the internet that Donald Trump wants to eliminate all immigration from Mexico because he hates Mexicans. Even some prominent Democrats suggested that he has said that all Mexicans were “criminals or rapists.” The truth is that Donald Trump has just been enforcing the law as it is written. The misconceived quote was about the MS-13 gang members who were infiltrating our country through the border. A more accurate statement is that “Trump loves America and will enforce our immigration laws to the best of his ability.”

Donald Trump Hates Muslims

When we had a ban on immigrants from several countries where people could not be vetted, the MSM screamed that Trump hated Muslims. I wrote a piece back then stating that most of the countries were not “Muslim” countries (although they all had Muslim populations). Once again, we see where Donald Trump was simply enforcing the law and requiring that people be vetted to get into the country.

Further, Islam is not a race. It is a socio-religious system which can be questioned, especially when people practice the more extreme versions of it. No country has the duty to accept refugees, it is an act of kindness. If there is a reason that it is not safe to do so, then the leader of each country has a duty to his or her citizens to put the interests of the citizenry first, before that of migrants.

Donald Trump Hates Black People

This is a common attack on any Republican.  Liberals decry that all Republicans hate black people because if they let their screaming die down, more and more people are seeing the Democrat party still feels that they own the black vote in the United States.  This is the pinnacle of projection as Democrats are so afraid to shine a light on how their policies are oppressing minority populations in Baltimore, Chicago, New York, and other major cities. As Ohio Pastor Darrell Scott said, Donald Trump is the “Most Pro-Black President…in our lifetime.”

No Truth in Any of These Narratives

As you can see, none of these are true statements. They are simply emotional statements that politicians and the media use to fire up people who “want” a reason to hate Trump. This is a dangerous accusation, and most people would have sued the newspapers, Congresspeople and other outlets who are spreading this liable.

Hate is much easier to cultivate in this world than love. While President Donald Trump may not be the most lovable president in American history, he is not responsible for the hate that the left is spreading. Each week we see devastating stories of liberal activists shutting down a street, attacking a conservative in public or even killing people because they did not get their way.

Stop With the Lies Democrats

This has got to stop. Stop using alternative facts and lies. While you can like the man or not like the man, you should at least respect the office. Donald Trump has done more in two years than the presidents since Reagan did in 28 years, and most of it is making lives better for Americans across the country. While there are some growing pains (such as the soy crisis) the overall economy, employment and military situation in the United States gets better each day.  The swamp of Washington is being drained, albeit slowly.

We have a president that is being attacked on all sides because he is doing what we hired him to do. Please do not be one of those fair-weather supporters who leave because it is hard. If he does something that you cannot stand for, then you should leave – but if you just feel uncomfortable because people are ostracizing you for doing the right thing, realize that this is common. If it were easy to do the right thing then everyone would be doing it.

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