Women’s History Month: The Future Is Bright, The Future Is Right!

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Well, here we are. It’s March – Women’s History Month. The modern feminists favorite month of the year. The question must be asked, however: what version of history are they promoting or what image of the “modern woman” are the trying to present? Is it the image of vibrant women championing the sanctity of motherhood and promoting strong, healthy family values that bolster her community? Sadly, the answer is an emphatic no.


The Left presents, instead, a Rolling Stone cover featuring four female members of Congress. Instead of presenting a cross section of the American political system or a broad scope of the American electorate, it presents only progressive female Democrats as “women shaping the future.” In the eyes of the Left, the modern female shaping the future supports late term abortion, illegal immigration, socialism, and anti-semitism. Their modern female looks for the support of men like Louis Farrakhan, who consistently calls for the destruction of the nation of Israel, and models their communities like San Francisco, the most grotesque sanitation disaster in our nation’s more recent history. Is this the “fresh face” of the modern woman? Is this the archetype that we want to present to our daughters, nieces, and sisters?


Could it be, in contrast, that our “fresh faces” of the modern woman could be women like Carla D’Addesi of COL1972 who champions strong family values, high community standards of respect, and the belief that all life is precious and valuable? As you can see from the cover image to this article, we have corrected the narrative to show what most conservative women would like to see for the today’s America: true feminism. A group of strong, vibrant, conservative women standing around their trailblazing mother, leading the charge towards the future.

In my opinion, if it wasn’t for academic brainwashing and the liberal “lynch mob” mentality of many leftists in positions of “feminist” power, you would see vastly greater numbers of women championing these wholesome and rewarding traits. At the end of the day, women are the ones that bring us all into this world and that has to count for something, even in a society that is obsessed with the destruction of our most vulnerable and innocent – the unborn. Don’t misunderstand, I am aware that there is a huge plurality of thoughts, desires, and wants within the female community (just like within any group of people), but happiness and security are foundational for everyone, not just women.

So, here at NRN we want to salute D’Addesi and her brave, shining daughters for their willingness to stand up and let their voices be heard. We encourage all the women out there that agree with wholesome, conservative values who may not feel comfortable letting their voices or opinions be heard to keep pushing forward! We support you no matter how adamantly society tries to silence your voice and suppress your convictions. We are all working together to secure a future for the women (and men) to come.

The future is bright, THE FUTURE IS RIGHT!

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