Review: AFT Home Training Targets

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If you enjoyed the article yesterday on AFT’s SIRT pistol, then this is a great complement to having this training equipment in your home. AFT also has a line of laser targets that can help you increase your skill and safety with your firearms. If you want to have skills, then buy the tools that will build those skills.


Like the SIRT pistol, the targets have a wide market. Since you will be using a laser trainer, you do not have to worry where you place the targets. Too often you hear of dry fire mishaps where someone shoots through the wall. The laser system from AFT allows you to avoid even the chance of this mistake happening to you. This has an expansive market, which results in a score of 8 to 10 for market.


These targets are more useful than most training tools because you can train wherever you go. If you are in a hotel room, you can set up there. Visiting family? Have a competition with the laser trainer. Unlike your carry firearm, these targets can be posted anywhere – which is very useful. 8 out of 10.


The great thing about these targets is the app. The app allows you to control your training, and gives you advice on how you are doing. The shot placement chart lets you know what you are doing wrong, and the graphs let you see how long you are actually taking to sight it. I also like the graphs because it lets me see if I am pausing to take proper shot action or just doing a “spray and pray.” 9 of 10.


The only hangup of the targets is that you should have the app off when you start them up. That way the app will acquire them fully. I will be honest, I had to call the company to get this part set up. Other than that, you can use the app to set your drill, set your mag, and set up how you want to shoot. The set up that I am doing now is a 4 target set up so I can either do Hogans Ally (Friend or Foe) or do room clear drills. 8 of 10.

Cool Factor

I am an 80’s kid, so Lazer Tag was a big thing for me. This gun is taking this into adulthood. Safely learning how to acquire targets while still training to use a firearm is a great thing. With millions of new gun owners, some not knowing what to do to be safe, this is a better alternative to dry fire exercises for novices. They are easy for anyone to use, and a great way to teach your child to aim without the risk of them pointing a live gun the wrong way. (Note: always teach everyone about muzzle awareness). 8 of 10.


These are great targets. If you are going to get the SIRT pistol, picking up a couple of these is a no brainer. In this time of ammo shortages, these can be a great way to keep your skill up. With a total score of 41, these are a great pickup for any firearms enthusiast. Keep training and keep safe, America.

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