COL1972’s First Pop-Up Shop, at Students for Life

Culture of Life, Sanctity of Life

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It’s time for COL1972’s first Pop-Up Shop and Flash Sale. Get 25% off the entire Pop-Up Shop. Now that COL1972 has had the most epic launch during Sanctity of Life month and after a full day at the March for Life in Washington, D.C, it’s time to head over to Maryland for the Students for Life conference. COL1972’s temporary shop will introduce the brand to thousands of enthusiastic ‘lifers.’ Watch for Carla D’Addesi’s live reporting from the New Right Network Facebook.

Carla D’Addesi, her husband and her three daughters started COL 1972, a pro-life and pro-family fashion line. COL stands for ‘Culture of Life’ and 1972 represents the year prior to the tragic anti-life Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.

D’Addesi is a homeschooling mother, children’s book author, conservative radio show host, and Carla & Co. show host and contributing editor for NRN. On Carla & Co., she breaks down the ‘real news for real women’ as a voice among millions of other conservative women in America. She loves God, her country, her president, her family and friends, and working every day to preserve the sanctity of life for now and generations to come. In a nation that seems to be trending farther to the Left, it is so important to be the voices for those that have no voice. Abortion has taken the lives, hopes and dreams of babies across the nation and world for far too long. It’s time for a Culture of Life (COL).

In addition to the clothing line, the D’Addesi family has launched COL 1972 foundation which gives back to organizations that celebrate life. They hope to be the ‘Chic-fil-a of fashion,’ offering a guilt-free shopping experience and giving 10% of your purchases back to companies that support life. Celebrate the sanctity of life with the D’Addesi family and help spread life-positivity in a world that is promoting darkness.

Winning America’s Cultural War

Propaganda promoting abortion is everywhere. Further, young girls are being taught that abortion is “the same as going to the dentist.” Celebrities promote these ideas, filling children’s head with these dangerous messages.

Musical artist Celine Dion recently created a bizarre line of gender-neutral clothing. This clothing line promotes ‘your children are not your children’ and encourages parents to abandon traditional pink and blue clothing for black and white onesies with skulls on them.

In response to Celine Dion’s fashion line, Carla D’Addesi says: “COL1972 is the opposite of Celine Dion’s gender neutral messaging which is depressing and alarming. COL1972 believes that fashion should bring families together. We believe femininity and masculinity should be celebrated for their unique qualities as well as similarities. Little boys and little girls are not the same. It is OK to enjoy pink for girls and blue for boys.” D’Addesi challenges Dion, “Both brands will influence America’s youth….one for good, the other for evil. We are in a battle for the hearts and minds of our children.”

Instilling the value of life within your children is one of the best ways to protect life in the next generation. COL1972 says let’s take this farther. Flaunt your values. Wear them proudly. As part of the COL1972 #LIFETribe, together we proclaim: Life is amazing and life is always in style.

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COL 1972 is more than just clothes. It is a symbol, a way of life. Many items have sold out so grab your favorites now. Get in the #LIFETribe!

  • COL1972’S first Pop-Up Shop this Saturday, January 19, 2019 at the Students For Life of America conference. 25% off the entire Pop-Up Shop.
  • Registration and check-in are from 8:00–9:00 a.m. Carla D’Addesi will speak at the ‘Industry Impact’ Workshop: “Planned Parenthood in your Public High School?!”
  • 600 Watkins Park Dr.
  • Upper Marlboro, MD 2077
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